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Guardian PVP. Tips & Tricks

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12.16.2012 , 11:51 AM | #1
Hello fellow Guardian players!

I am currently leveling a Jedi Guardian that i plan on pvping alot with, witch bring me to this post

Will you guys be so kind to share some Tips & Tricks? Be it basic or advance. I welcome it all!

btw. Im not interreseret in hearing ill be better off with another class, I have chosen Guardian and I plan on getting the best out it.

Thank you for reading my post. And thanks for any advice

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12.17.2012 , 02:31 PM | #2
This has the potential to be a fun thread. Maybe everyone can contribute a couple? I assume you know the basics like keybind your skills, including Throw Huttball, etc. My top 10 in no particular order:

1. Strongly consider speccing for the talent Unremitting in the middle tree (a must if not full Focus spec). When you leap at enemies you are immune to stuns, knockbacks, etc.

2. You have incredible mobility that you should abuse. You can leap in, do some damage, and then Guardian leap to an ally on the fringe of the fray. This also creates enough distance for you to leap back in.

3. Force push resets leap. Leap -> Push -> Leap is a great combo for locking people down. Remember leap interrupts the target's action as well.

1, 2 and 3 combined are very powerful in huttball if you are carrying the ball.

4. You can leap on people to root them in acid, firepits, or nasty AoE's like Freighter Flyby.

5. If you use Enure right before you use a warzone medpac, it will give you a huge health boost. The medpac adds a percentage of your max health

6. if you are below someone (like an incline or they are standing on a box) force push will send them positively flying.

7. I like to hit my Saber Ward when I know I am being targeted by a Sniper's Ambush. it is a big hit of theirs that takes a long time to cast, and Saber Ward makes it a guaranteed miss for the first few seconds. Other white damage attacks can be defended against in a similar way.

8. Your AoE slow ability is very powerful for staying on top of your target. If talented, it can be spammed for free with reduced cooldown. Abuse this ability when transitioning, especially in Voidstar. One Guardian can hold up multiple enemies on their way to reinforce a node or reclaim the huttball.

9. No matter what spec you are, USE YOUR TAUNTS. A Guardian with <10k protection at the end of a match is a bad guardian. Taunt will make enemies do reduced damage when attacking anyone but you. Try not to taunt healers or people that are just attacking you, because it gives you no benefit.

10. Pay attention to your healers. We are called Guardians for a reason. In any spec you are well-suited to slow, taunt, push, stun, mez, or just attack anyone after your healer.
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12.18.2012 , 06:48 AM | #3
As a DPS, spec focus, lolsmash, rinse, repeat. Earn the kudos of the easily impressed by big damage numbers in PUG teams and respect...sorry, I meant envy of your lowly tank brothers That's all I have to say about that...

As a tank, you pretty much give up the ability to kill anyone 1v1 (barring massive gear / skill imbalance) - the huge skew towards DPS makes it almost impossible. What you are there to do is make life difficult for the other team, and protect your own.

Guard your healers. Goes without saying really... but try to make sure your healer knows you're guarding them so they keep you alive... a good tank / healer combo can hold up a good while against many opponents... of course, a lolsmash uberdps squad will do for you pretty quickly, but that's the same for anyone really :/ Also set up Focus Target hotkey (mine is middle mouse button) and focus target your healer to watch their health - Guardian Leap to them if it takes a hit, then taunt their nearest attacker, spam freezing force and give your healer a chance to get away.

Use your interrupts. A lot. When you aren't actively protecting your own healers, get up in the faces of the other team's healers and kick in the face through their long channel heals (learn to identify the 'big' heals and save interrupts for those.

Taunt on CD - find a target that's attacking someone other than you... as a tank you should always have the Target of Target bar visible. Use it. I try to save my AE taunt for when my healer is getting focused, but tbh that's most of the time, so it doesn't really count as saving it

Awe - use mezz judiciously (it counts against resolve and is broken by damage - nothing is more annoying than mezzing half the enemy team, then having a slinger put down an orbital strike right on top of it). Especially in Huttball, the good players are just waiting for someone to fill their resolve bar to make them (literally) almost unstoppable. On the other hand, using force stasis just as they cross the fire pit is a nice revenge for all the times you get pulled onto the fire... assuming some other idiot didn't fill their resolve bar ofc. Similarly with Force stasis - don't use it unless you really really need it.

However, if you're solo-guarding a door / turret and you get jumped by stealthers then the AE mezz is a great way to buy yourself an extra few seconds to call for help .... just don't do any damage and let them stew for 6 seconds. Then use freezing force and push them away.

Don't try to go toe to toe (1v1) with a well-geared DPS - you will lose - make yourself hard to hit (kite them, hide behind terrain... you're there to defend the node until reinforcements arrive. Don't try to kill them - you only have to stop them capping! If you called for assistance and nobody shows up for 20--30 seconds and you die to the OP dps it's not your fault (assuming you used your available defensive CDs) - so don't take any cr@p from noobs who assume that leaving a guardian alone on a node makes it invulnerable. TBH leaving anyone alone on a node against a halfway decent team is a disaster waiting to happen unless your team respond pretty quick.

Don't get distracted by the guy trying to pull you away from the node - nothing makes you look more stupid* than turning around to see a stealther just completing a cap because you were target-locked on the guy suckering you away.

*well, nothing except the WH outfit itself... seriously, a clown costume is more intimidating...

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12.19.2012 , 12:10 AM | #4
Read and watch "A whole guide for a whole guardian" (Sticky up top).

Really great guide for defensive pvp guardians. He pulls off some ridiculous moves so it's pretty fun to watch.
Look at his build too. Having immunity to stuns and movement impairing effects after force leap is so much more beneficial than getting the top tier talent in the defence tree when playing a defensive guardian in PVP

Force push and no channel stasis are my fave moves by far
I luuuurve control
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12.19.2012 , 08:32 AM | #5
Good thread.

I play with a sage a lot so often we'll play a bit of leap frog to score with her pulling me up to the platform, then running ahead so I can leap to her. A lot of tips have already been talked about. I can buy an extra 15 seconds or so from capping against multiple attackers hilt striking one, stasis another, push another, awe as needed. I'll go down eventually, but it's highly effective. Use your positioning to force push someone where you want them to go. It's embarassing to push someone into the goal .

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12.31.2012 , 07:59 PM | #6
I love Huttball for the very reason a lot of people already mentioned. Having 4 leaps makes you one of the most effective classes for ball carrying. Regardless of what path you take towards the enemy endzone you can completely change the landscape in a leap or 2. That being said I'll list a few important tips I use in huttball.
  • Remember that you can leap to both allies and enemies, often times you will have someone camping the ez which opens a path for you to run into the pit to leap up. This leaves enemies behind who are unable to leap or pull. I usually save my awe for this moment as your backup is limited and allows you to finish the score.
  • Keep an eye on the upper ramp in the enemy endzone, particularly the middle one leading from the enemy spawn. Rarely have I seen allies in that area aside from an endzone camper but enemy pugs will often run from that path. It allows you to leap for a quick score (this can also be done with zealous leap).
  • As LarryRow mentioned, Unremitting is an unbelievably usable talent. This especially applies to Huttball as a ball carrier. With 2 force leaps (granted a force push refresh) and resolute, you are essentially removed from movement capacitating effects for 9 seconds. If you use your defensive cooldowns during this time period, it really sets you up for a quick score if you have targets to leap to.
  • To reiterate LarryRow's point, pay attention to your positioning and angle relative to your enemy. For example, if your enemy is on a ramp, and you position yourself to be at a decline, your force push will launch your opponent upward diagonally. This is important to be aware of in a warzone like huttball where you are able to force push your opponents into fire pits when they aren't expecting it.

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01.04.2013 , 02:59 PM | #7
On VS you can hit 50k protection without even being a tank. Just use your taunts whenever it's up. Your AOE taunt is a great way to get the 10k protection in one life medal - just use it in the middle of a big fight and don't die.

When you push someone, don't leap immediately to them. Hit your saber throw, and then wait for a heal or other channeled ability before you leap back.

On a capture point map like VS or Alderaan, save your CCs. You can lock an enemy down just long enough for your teammates to capture the point.

Don't pop your defensive CDs all at once. You survive longer if you use them back to back to back.

On Alderaan you can, quite literally, send those pesky snipers on mid's second level flying over the battlements with your force push (from the ground).

When defending a node by yourself, your goal isn't to win 1v1s or 1v2s. Call out the incoming, pop your CDs and CCs, /laugh, and wait for your backup to clean up.

Sometimes, you just have to ignore the previous tip. 1v2 those *********** and own it.
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02.05.2013 , 04:24 AM | #8
Don't be afraid NOT to guard someone who will get you killed faster as the damage you take from guarding them, as i've read on the forums, is not mitigated. Here's an example of when not to:

Im on Voidstar and guarding the non-busy 1st door and notice a team mate come to my side ... he's a lvl 18 guardian and not well geared. I normally will guard healers and decently geared dps to help, but this time i decided that i would survive an incoming attack and hold out longer if i left him unguarded. Currently im lvl 40 and with bolster (im fully twinked) im at 18k hp and go to 23k using enure and am defense/vigilance specced and can survive quite long while i wait for help to arrive.

I always do use my taunts and aoe taunts when appropriate and found a decent video on youtube that helped me learn a bit more about taunt usage/timing.

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