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With the return of Malora..

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05.08.2019 , 12:16 AM | #1
Being a callback to vanilla content (albeit not as fufilling as I had hoped with how she played a 'role' in how Ossus developed storywise), it had me wondering about a few other characters worth revisiting. Especially those who are also fairly relevant to current content or upcoming stuff. Kalikori villagers are on Ossus and it brought back nice memories of Ranna Tao'Ven, the first 'romance' male knights had and female knights having a 'sisterly' connection to.

Seeing her return, especially after a long time since becoming the Matriarch over a decade ago ingame, to serve a prominent role elsewhere in the galaxy or in an instanced area that calls back to Tython (been a long time since our characters have been there, eh?) would be nice too. Also, it's not fair only Warriors get to have Vette and Imps get Major Anri while Pubs are stuck with Tau and whatever the tea sipping reptile is
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