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Sages and Sorcerers on the front line

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Sages and Sorcerers on the front line

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11.19.2019 , 04:46 PM | #1
Despite anything I found it really easy to put my Sorcerer in the new story since 4.0. After all my class is better than literally anyone else suited for any dealings with ghosts, voices in the head, mystic rituals and other things alike. Also the whole dark side (no pun intended) of the story about taking the throne of Zakuul for myself is a great fit for my former Dark Council member whose class story was all about gaining true political power. Maybe there was a couple of questions, for example, about my sudden ability to take down Arcann in a pure lightsaber combat like my lighning is just for show and giggles, but still it was pretty much my cup of tea.

And then 5.10 and Onslaught happened.

After I dealt with Valki the story totally lost all of its mystic/Force component and became a crystal clear war story. Which is fine for most players maining Knights and Warriors, I suppose, but it seems pretty dumb and out of place for my Sorcerer. And I'm not even starting about how bad it is for Sages. At least our dark side powers are somewhat passable for killing things and bringing 'em pain.

- Tell me about Commander
- He is a battle-hardened veteran...

Bruh. Nuff said, really.

Even on Ossus I still was trying to justify my entire presence, like, "boo-hoo, it's an old Jedi planet, full of Force... Thingies... So it was absolutely understandable for my fellow Imps to invite me here, I would be a good company and a counterpart for that brute Malgus..." - Yeah, it sounds pretty silly, but it decently worked for me.

But it was already pretty rough and then Onslaught just broke my whole immersion to bits and flushed 'em down the toilet, when my body type 1 Sorcerer in his glorious bizzare royal robes actually LED a ********n ASSAULT on the Meridian like he's some ********n Darth Vader while also participating in a dick measuring contest with some spec-ops grunt chick like he's some "shoulder to shoulder with soldiers"-type of guy and not the Naga Sadow's fearsome heir (figuratively at least).

I was really satisfied with taking back my Dark Council seat - and I will never tire of thanking BioWare for that opportunity, that alone was enough for me to feel that my subscription payment was totally worth it. But still, I already fear that my main focus in the future story will be being the Hand aka "Vader's knockoff for busting out the door" which will also include leading many other war campaigns for Acina etc.

I am convinced that there are many other Sorcerers and Sages who do care about roleplaying or story aspect and they probably wondered at least once at some point what are they doing in the story BioWare is writing right now universally for all classes without any regards for specifics, and why they even should be there.

So I'm asking people to help me to figure out a justification for Force-based mage being a military... Ugh... Commander (Since 4.0 I've already started to hate that word alone). Not a sharply dressed guy in a high castle with maps and battle plans, but a frontline battlefield commander who leads the charge on a regular basis and destroys enemy's defences.

I remember many powerful Force Users, but their powers were more like "burst" ones, for one big and epic duel in the throne room or on a bridge of a capital ship - not for a continuous multifactoral military operation.

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11.19.2019 , 11:57 PM | #2
Essh...I feel your pain! Sorc and JC are my favorite too lol

And yes, that's the one thing I wanted most of all (Not the go home option), but to get ride of that stupid TITLE OF OUTLANDERCOMMANDER !!!! I'm sick of it!!!

I can't find a justification, save for when someone call my Sorc 'Commander'' , her eyes twitcht....her hands start blinking electricity..and she go and kill the nearest person she can find

She didn't accept the offer of going back to the Empire, because its a demeaning offert . Either Acina get off her butt from the Throne or shove it where the sun doesn't shine .

My Sorc was born a complete Psycho, she doesnt really care for ruling . But she does suffer from a hoarder disorder . She want thing in the spur of the moment . The Galaxy is nothing but a playground for her . Have no allegiance or Love for anyone or anything . Way too self centered and Parano to feel such a thing . She see ennemies everywhere.......and the only thing that kill her boredom is KILLING. Murder and Mayhem await!

She did kill whats his name Darth who took her place, and then turned down the offert . It was fleeting as always, her wanting to go back lol

While she doesnt care (and neither do I) for the Alliance, it is still a better deal then being bossed again by an 'Emprore-Empress' . Been there, done that ..didn't like it .

So she gonna use the Alliance as her own hand to create as much chaos as possible .

That at least..never get old

For my JC, the Alliance was something that was a mean to an end . It had ressources and peoples needed to get trough the horrible Kotfe and Kotet . She accepted the offer to go back . Since unlike the Empire, she was always a Jeeday and will always be one . No matter what....

I don't see any of my Empire character accepting the offer to go back to be honest . But my Repb would, because I find the deal actually fit them better .
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11.21.2019 , 05:55 PM | #3
Of my characters, I've only completed the whole bit on 3 of them:
my LS BH sided with the Empire, but kept the Alliance. She'd be happy making them all Mandalorians..
My Darth Imperius (also a sorcerer... gotta love the lightning, baby) took his seat back too. (hey, there's a little bit of Nox in all of us), but rejoined the Empire but flirts with Acina every chance he gets. He wants to gain the throne thru passion...…(one reason that although LS, he'd never go Jedi).
My LS IA didn't get the offer to go back. He was a saboteur, and has been working (secretly) for the republic ever since Chapter 3 (orig vanilla). Although if the chance came to actually work for the Chiss Ascendancy rather than either side, he'd be there in a heartbeat.
My sorcerer likes to mix it up with the troops and actually contribute to making the Empire a better place. Lead from the front lines.
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11.23.2019 , 01:35 PM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by TGaP_Andrey View Post
So I'm asking people to help me to figure out a justification for Force-based mage being a military... (n.
- you don't need to justify anything
- try using armor pieces that are bulkier for warzones & robes for non-combat in the outfit , think 50 sets of armor ingame or more
- use a companion that u " consider " suited for heavy combat
- and in the end don't forget , if u don't help Malgus the republic wins and the jedi will come and wipe out all sith
* give Dual Specialization ( with saved Keybinds / Action Bars / Utility Points )
* give Vaylin ( Light Side Sith Sorcerer / Dark Side Sith Warrior )

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Yesterday , 10:17 AM | #5
Yes new title other than Alliance commander would be nice.

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Yesterday , 05:41 PM | #6
Even Sidious sometimes went down and dirty to get things done. If he could do it you are not above that.