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Impeaching a GM

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09.25.2018 , 03:13 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by albeva View Post
Thank you for your replies.

To give a bit of context. I used to be GM few years back. However due to uni exams and a bit of a burnout at the time I passed on the GM and then it got passed on again. Guild was very active, we unlocked whole guild ship, invited lot of people and formed a community.

Now this GM who has had reign of the guild over the last few years has done ... quite literally nothing. Has run once active guild into the ground. No new people invited, no events organised - ever. He has been using the guild as a personal toy box without putting in any effort at all. He wasn't there when we built the guild, he wasn't there when we were running raids, he wasn't there when we unlocked everything.

Now I have been back for a while. And am really sad once buzzing guild reduced to a dead husk. Speaking to old members I am not the only one who feels that way. We have tried to reason and talk to him, but my understanding is he won't give up the GM title of the guild he never helped to build up in the first place. And he insists how he is victim.

And yes we have tried to talk to him privately, coach him, help him, get him to step up. All it ever amounts to is him having grand plans for the future, that he is not ready to discuss.

Oh did I mention he logs in only once a month to keep his title?

Anyway sorry for the rant, but this is the gist of it. Thank you for your replies.
have a guild meeting with the current active players. let them all understand whats happened and bring it to a vote.
move to another known active guild with a guildship and stronghold. this way youre not really loosing anything. pull everything out of the guild cargohold. let the other guild know when its good to start the invites.

youlll be happier and the community youve built will follow. youll be in a different guild but one that has more active players where everyone can jump in and start helping each other out with operations, FPs, pvp, and starfighter.