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[Republic] <Black Hole Dominion>

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12.30.2012 , 08:23 PM | #1
We are currently recruiting all classes, with the hopes of filling our core groups. We are a new guild, everyone always tells you they're fun and friendly, so I will say there is a lot of good hearted trash talking. Raid times are still being set, PVP groups are in the process of being set up as well, so its safe to say we are kind of a scrub guild atm. The current main group is a fun group, we are new to SWTOR, but we have done plenty of end game in other MMOs.

We are looking for active players, we will try to help gear, level, and understand you're class better.

Feel free to contact one of the officers or GM in game: Buffels/Buffbagwell, Techpongkilla, and Levix(GM). Or check out our website: it is a fresh site, so only part of our roster is registered so far.