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Spec Tweaking (Anihilation)

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Spec Tweaking (Anihilation)

cynicalsaint's Avatar

01.22.2012 , 10:32 AM | #1
So I'm thinking about changing my spec up a bit.
Specifically from this:

To this:****zZhGM.1

I mostly prefer doing PvE stuff, but I've been doing a lot of PvP lately to help me gear up and fill time while waiting for my guild to be raid-ready. My main questions are:

On moving Hungering -> Seeping Wounds. Seems like this would be handy for PvP, but how badly am I going to feel this in PvE content and raiding?

How useful is Phantom really? I've almost never used it playing solo but so far I haven't done a ton of flashpoints and only a little PvP previously - does it really come in handy for endgame material?

Any other thoughts?