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Create separate queues for arena warzones

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Create separate queues for arena warzones

hipoenormous's Avatar

11.10.2019 , 12:24 PM | #1
I don't particularly like playing the variety of unranked warzones available and find that pure pvp in arena warzones are better. For instance, I don't like standing at a station guarding it for 10 minutes while nobody passes by and then calling that pvp. Nor do I like playing with ball mechanics and having an angry hutt display his displeasure while I am simply a rat in his little game.

Why are only ranked warzones the true arena warzones? Why don't you call it simply arena warzone and maybe more people will queue for it. By calling it ranked people think there is a higher level of difficulty when I would argue that unranked warzones are even more difficult because of the specific objectives.

Can you create a space where people who want to do arena pvp can do so easily?