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Forming Guilds?

EnelyaSaxon's Avatar

03.23.2020 , 11:18 PM | #1
So Iíve been away from Star Wars for a while, and not exactly sure how to actually start up a guild. This is my first time using one of these before as well, so hopefully Iím doing something right. I know the specifications to create a guild, like the credits and how many members needed. My question is, where do you find those three other people? Is there some chat or something like that that recruits people? Sorry if my question sounds a bit dumb, but a question is a question.

SteveTheCynic's Avatar

03.24.2020 , 01:56 AM | #2
As you say, you need to find three other players and form a group with them by *you* inviting *them*. (I'm going to keep this as simple as possible, so I'm not prepared to discuss what happens if I invite you to a group and then you try to create the guild.)

Anyway, now that you've got a group, *you* go to a <Guild Registrar> NPC and pay a fee of (I believe) 5K credits (the others can go there or not as they see fit). As part of the process, you get to type in the name of the guild, up to 31 characters. Unlike characters, guilds are allowed to include the names of SWTOR locations and so on in their names, so you can be e.g. <Knights of Mek-Sha> if you want.

The <Guild Registrar> NPCs can be found in the outer part of one corner of the Fleet, or in the capital worlds (in the middle part way in the back of the area under the Senate Plaza on Coruscant, or in among all the vendors and crew skill trainers in eastern Kaas City on DK).

Finding those players is the interesting part. If you have access to four PCs, you can make your own group using your main account and three temporary F2P accounts that you create, but otherwise you'll have to ask around on e.g. the Fleet for people willing to help you, or find some actual IRL friends who'd be willing to help out one way or another. In the end, though, you find them the same way you'd find them for any other group activity.
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