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Return of Watchman/ Annihilation

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Return of Watchman/ Annihilation

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04.16.2018 , 04:11 PM | #1
Hi everyone!

Just a thread on a spec not usually played in pvp. Due to recently seeing the nerfs to concentration/ fury ive been testing out the other 2 specs. To my delight, as a pub, watchman is still viable and i love it. The only down fall is its self heals from dots when using zen. in my opinion as this spec is more stunable id like to see its self heals (not on group) increased. No other changes necessary. I can say that fairly because of all the other classes self heals and DCD's. For those wanting to change it up and have a go at this spec heres the Utilities ive been using:

Skillfull: Jedi enforcer and Stoic
Masterful: Ardor, Watchguard and Defensive roll.
Heroic: Fleetfooted
Legendary: Zealous ward and Zealous judgement.

I have found these to help increase my survivability in game play. More effective in Dueling, and unranked pvp.
wouldnt touch ranked without a good healer, again my opinion for ranked is still to concentration for now.
Key to using watchman is time your camo to escape, utilising those dots. know when to Force stasis. And do your best to use Merciless slash on targets effected by your dots.

I usually open with force jump - overload saber - zealous strike - merciless slash - blade barrage - cautorize - forcemelt. ( i know ive used slash with no dots but this is opener ) by this point zelous strike is ready again for generate focus. if ur in a mob of players now u can force sweep spreading those dots. Merciless slash has stacked and ready again to use on a target with dots.
this is not always available to do particularly in pvp in big battles. So adapt and try, try some more. Dont get discouraged this one takes practice but its really fun. again my play style will be different to yours. this is just a guide.

finally how do we get in touch with the higher ups for that zen heal buff from our dots, only to affect healing ourselves. The passive heals on group can stay as they are.

Friendly Sent