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Non JS Conceal build...

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Non JS Conceal build...

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01.25.2012 , 02:17 PM | #1
So Im looking at some other options to do for my Op in PvP, instead of QQing, Adapt... Nerfs can be overcome, if you sit down and shut up. Anyway Im looking at a non JS Conceal build, Im sure and know its been brought up before, but Im looking at a 3/31/7 which is pretty close to the current build, any way heres the build:

Im sure it has its flaws, but I think it will fair pretty well in PvP, just have to rely on rotating DS and FB and I know FB has a 1 min CD, but at least in this spec DS is 30sec. I also like the 2 sec immobilize by ST, granted its 2 seconds but extremely useful for keeping them right in front in me, rotating stuns, I currently HS(non-JS) > BS > FB > Shiv > DS > Lac > Lac again and possible 3rd time if its regen or Stim Boost > ST if needed to keep them from running and repeat the rotation without some of the stuns is all. Conceal is not dead with the JS nerf, learn to adapt.

In Huttball, I do pretty well actually, easy kills being ST in Fire and Poison = Easy Kills, also I play as more an opportunist, which some may call whatever they want, but I pick out the lowest health or lowest geared etc. and take em down, I run with the groups and take out the ones running. I can easily get 30 Kills and 1 Death with 200k+ DMG and around 8 Medals in one Huttball match. I see all this QQ about Huttball Op but I like it and its fun.

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01.25.2012 , 03:14 PM | #2
Looks very similar to the one I'm using right now, with only a few point difference. And I can say for sure that you really don't need jarring strike, so I bet your variation works great too.