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Thank You

RichWil's Avatar

02.23.2018 , 01:36 PM | #1
I wanted to start a thread to say thank you to all who have posted previous threads in this class forum, and to those who took the time to give thoughtful answers.

I started playing my IA about three weeks ago and have just now begun Chapter 4 (Makeb), and as I noticed toward the end of chapter 3, combat was getting a lot harder. As an experienced gamer I knew immediately that the problem was I was not using the proper skills and my rotation was severely flawed; I was still winning all fights, but it was taking far longer than it should have.

Literally every other class I've ever played in every other game I've ever played I've usually managed to figure things out enough on my own to stay within 90% of optimal strategy, but for various reasons I found myself far behind that curve with my sniper. My primary culprit was I think that the sniper was so OP in the early going that I never really bothered to try out any of the later skills I was picking up, because the handful they started me with were so amazing I never needed to bother. Over time though, those skills started falling behind and I was at a loss for how to proceed to get back to chewing through mobs efficiently. (It is worth noting that the other culprit I think was the fact that juggling the regular action bar and the crouch/cover action bar was also to blame).

So I took a time out, read a LOT of threads on this forum about skills, rotations, etc, and went back in and completely changed all my hotkeys, action bars, and spent several hours retraining my fingers to learn an entire new system, and the results have been more than I could have hoped. I am once again absolutely ripping through trash mobs like they aren't even there, and boss fights have gotten markedly less time consuming.

None of that would have been possible without all of your help, so I wanted to personally thank everyone for participating in the forums and for sharing your knowledge wisdom with all of us. You hear and read all the time that the internet is just full of trolls and negativity, but this forum provides evidence to the contrary. Thank you all again!

xXAstroHDXx's Avatar

02.24.2018 , 10:46 AM | #2
Agreed, I love communites that are like this:
- 1. That players help other players
- 2. Most people are kind
- 3. Literally no scamming attempts (for me)

I have looked up the guides very often in the last time, and I'm really grateful for all the people, who make the guides. It helps me alot and many other people too!
I love the community, and I hope that it will stay like this.

Darth Jadus