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Dirty Fighting or Scrapper for PVE DPS

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Dirty Fighting or Scrapper for PVE DPS

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02.12.2013 , 02:01 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by CJAShadow View Post
Thats an interesting parse, thanks for showing that off.

I am a bit confused though, so do you not have sabotage charge ( explosive probe I think...) in your rotation? I have been using it in mine but my parse is lower then yours (at most 1500, mostly 61 gear, no adrenals wasted).

Do you not use it in your rotation? And I see you use collateral strike sparingly.
i've been taking it out of my rotation unless i need to walk out of an AOE (like zorn and toth), and i'm only using it because of the range, or if i need some more burst (bombardiers on kephess EC, adds on TFB, etc.)

also, for fights with a lot of movement and/or where you shouldn't be using AOEs (the dread guard fight in TFB is a perfect example), i'll use more sabo charge as filler in lieu of flyby