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Advanced Prototype/Tactics needs some buff

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Advanced Prototype/Tactics needs some buff

sebakonkol's Avatar

12.02.2019 , 08:33 AM | #1
In my opinion Advanced Prototype/Tactics needs 1st of all autocrit on his Energy Burst/Cell Burst since now its damage is not good enough for its 20 heat/energy cost. Consider that other burst specs got some autocrits in thier passives, set bonuses or tacticals. Other thing I would buff is Shatter Slug/Flak Shell. Its damage is not really high even with 25% more damage on it from passive. I think that`s all that AP/Tactics would need to become great burst spec again.

sebakonkol's Avatar

12.02.2019 , 11:05 AM | #2
To proove that AP needs some autocrit on Energy Burst I have made parse

I have used Energy Burst with 4 Energy Lodes 3 times here, I`m using Powerlode tactical on this parse

My dps is pretty low because I`ve low power (228 augs)

I`ve 3k crit so crit chance was quite high
Even with it I have not crit a single time with Energy Burst

Fiqh's Avatar

12.06.2019 , 06:52 PM | #3
Explosive fuel and kolto should refresh upon death

Melon_Lord's Avatar

12.12.2019 , 07:50 AM | #4
Did I just read in the latest patch 6.0.2 they're buffing the potential of immolate? I've seen parses where that thing hits for around 70k, meanwhile AP's big attack energy burst is limping along at best about 50k. Say, what's the time between energy bursts? 18-20s or so? And what's the time between Searing Waves for Pyro? = or< ? Searing Wave does more damage? And it's AoE?

It's a bit annoying Pyro has better single target, AoE, ranged damage, and burst equal to if not greater than AP. I'm definitely with whoever said energy burst needs to be auto crit from in the discipline, that or at least Thermal Det. Also get rid of energy burn, that damage is negligible, add it into the base damage of the burst.

1 more thing, can we not have retractable blade's bleed damage tied to how many energy lode's we have with the tactical, just make it 100% more as if it was always 4 stacks, then make the stacks do something else, like at 4 lodes gained maybe 8s of 10% crit multiplier or something. Well that might be too strong if including the previous changes. 5s of vent 2 heat/s?

Well just some ramblings
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sebakonkol's Avatar

12.14.2019 , 05:07 AM | #5
Pyrotech can use Searing Wave + Immolate combo as often as you can use Detonator on AP, more often than AP can use Enegy Burst with 4 stacks. Searing Wave does pretty same damage and its cone AoE

tbh I have no idea why Pyrotech got buffed, it it was already strongest in basically all ways than AP

sebakonkol's Avatar

12.27.2019 , 04:21 AM | #6
I made few more parses, and in most of them Energy Burst isn`t critically hitting
even with my 3200 crit atm

dwiekopy's Avatar

12.27.2019 , 10:25 AM | #7
I totally agree. Energy Burst/Cell Burst should be autocrit and Shatter Slug/Flak Shell damage increase would be nice as well. This spec has really awful tacticals and set designed for this one is only available via new ops. That sucks

sebakonkol's Avatar

02.12.2020 , 02:21 AM | #8
These chsnges in 6.1 looks solid, I think AP will perform good in PvP now. i think this threat is officially closed!