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12.13.2011 , 03:03 PM | #1
To everyone who is crying about NOT being able to play.
This is an earlier release-7 days early release I might add. Yes everyone is waiting and wanting to play this epic and ground breaking game that WILL be worth the wait.
Yes it would be awesome to be able to jump in and start playing. Would be outstanding to let all those who have guilds get in and grind out of the starter zones, but think about this.
With over 1 million who bought the game early could you imagine the Crazy lag? Let alone not being able to get any missions aka quests done do due the overload of players logged on? How long it would take to just to get all your story and side quests done in the starter zones? Would it be more fun to A- take all day to get a few quests done? OR B-take a few hours to get same amount of quests done?
I don't expect myself or most of my guild mates to be able to get our chance to log on and play until 15-20th but I know it WILL be so worth the wait.

For those who are wanting to log on and DON"T have the patience to wait maybe a few days. If you are Screaming and raging at your computer, please calm down.Take a deep breath. No need to yell at your poor computer, after all its just a machine and gave you so much enjoyment.So what if it really is sucking your soul and life out of you.It has feelings to. lol So while we wait why not get something to eat, read a book or I don't know maybe get some sleep.

TO all the hard working dev's, Mod's and programmers I want to THANK YOU all for your hard work and GREAT game.
I also want to wish EVERY one a safe and Happy Christmas.
Please DON'T drink and drive.
From all us in Death Before Dishonor- The force wont save you Jedi and kill you later.