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<Elitist> Recruitment

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06.19.2019 , 03:39 PM | #1

<Elitist> is a Nightmare raiding guild located on Satele Shan. We reformed with 3 raiders back in December 2018 with the goal to clear content at a fast pace and have succeeded. With our eyes now on 6.0, we seek to bolster our roster with new and returning players as well as the brave souls who never left. If you have interest in joining a guild that downs content at a fast pace and has experienced and proven leadership in mulitple MMO's, then look no further!

We currently have 4 NiM Progression groups and plan on forming a 16m NiM progression group here in the future. Two of our teams are working on NiM Gods while the other two are newer and are working on the older operations, and we are also looking to form a new group for the weekends.

We are looking to expand our roster before and going into 6.0 with our eyes set on progressing through new content. If you are interested in joining you may apply here. You may also contact HercTop#6976 / skarth#6827 / ~Rayn~#1632 on Discord about any questions, or ask here, but we'd most likely respond faster on Discord.
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06.30.2019 , 05:05 AM | #2
Don't join them. They are indeed Eltists, and are proud of that. They are overall toxic to new players and those trying to learn ops.