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"Time Run Challenge"

IceDarki's Avatar

07.13.2020 , 05:08 AM | #1
Hello dear SWTOR Community!

After our Guild managed to clear most of Story mode ops with 3 (or 4) man (, I came up with something new.
I want to create a Time Run Challenge for each dificulty (Story mode, Hard mode, Master mode)

DISCLAIMER: This is ment to be a fun Challenge not something to classify players on their time, skill or what ever, thanks.

Thats the idea behind it:
Create a Group (with your Guild, Friends or just take your Raiding group) and make a Raid in any dificulty, one Person records the Raid from start to finish, and posts the video link here or on my youtube channel, if its a legit run i will add your Guild/Raidgroup to our List:

If some of the top Raiding Guilds wanna compete as well thats fine, their is no doubt that they will have the best times, so to keep it intresting i will move them into a seperate list called "Hall of Fame" so we dont see the same names over and over ^^

1. Anyone can join the Challenge as long as someone records the run

2. A timer needs to be shown in the Video (not a Star Parse timer cause they can be quiet buggy some times)
As example: one timer as soon as u start the Raid which runs until u completet the Raid, and a second one if u start a boss encounter ( u can do this with an external programm or just editing a timer into the video)

3. You are allowed to cut the Video into different parts (to make uploads easier or if u just want to claim a time run on a boss fight), but the next Video needs to Start at the point the first one ended

If a video doesnt match into the rules because add fights are cut away or u dont put a timer into the screen i cant count it as a complete time run.

This hole project is about to challenge Friends, other Guilds or other Raidgroups to do this.

We are not starting the Challenge yet because first i want to get some Feedback from the Community, do you find this intresting? or is it just a waste of time for you? Let me know!

If this Challenge gets some attention i might create more of them (just saying that u dont need more than a Lightsaber or Blaster to kill a Boss...right?)

Have a great Day!

D4rki3 from the Guild LOST (yes, if i write my name without the 4 and 3 it gets censored....)