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Guild Adventures Chronicle: <THE JEDl ORDER>

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Guild Adventures Chronicle: <THE JEDl ORDER>

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10.13.2019 , 01:52 AM | #1
TIP: Use the combination of Shift+Click on the screenshot links, to open a new window to view the screenshots; They are hosted at Google Photos, and this will prevent you from navigating away from in your main window - despite what the prompt will say.


Yours truly has recently returned in-force to the game, and am wanting to keep an activity log of the adventures of <THE JEDl ORDER>, since we constantly do some really great stuff! Some of this will be unique events of my own creation; some of it is just content that most guilds do, and some includes the unique content of others, within the JEDl community. There are a couple of guilds with *very* similar names, so if anyone wants to look us up, we are level 85 as of 13OCT2019 (At least one of the other similar-named guilds was a former alts-dump, before the member-maximum was raised). Just wanting to chronicle some of what we do on Server Satele Shan, just as was chronicled for other forums, previously.

Herein, we'll begin with the recap of the first week-and-a-half, 01OCT to 11OCT2019. Highlights include a re-launch of my hosting Ops (was out of game for nearly three years, after 1st Eternal Empire release, returning with Ossus), a unique RP event, and a Knighting ceremony - as *part* of our regular activity. Anything pictured herein is also only the events that yours truly was able to attend, personally; There's plenty other adventures to be had!

Let the chronicle begin....

As part of the guild's Rank Trials, a Padawan aspiring to Knighthood must find a Councilmember, and duel them - to test their mettle. They need to screenshot it, and save it for a thread documenting their journey from Jedi Aspirant (pre-Jedi Initiate) to Jedi Master. This young Padawan asked yours truly to help fulfill this part of his journey, on Wednesday, 02OCT2019:
With the level-evening, the fight was quite close - even 258 gear didn't give me much of an advantage, over this would-be Jedi Knight.

Next, on Saturday 05OCT2019, yours truly attended <THE SlTH ORDER>'s weekly induction ceremony. Most of us have ties to all 6 of the guilds in our community, and many of the officers have main toons that are exclusive, to those guilds. The Sith-side events are notably darker-themed:
The Malgus gear makes for an imposing figure. Often, body type 2's look like body type 3's, in it!

In following with the RP that was left off with the end of the Blue Jedi Crusade (a 32-part 2015 events-series the community was host to), yours truly was brought before the Council, at the end of his sentence to hard labor on a remote Agri-Corps world. The outfit was specific for this event, before finally donning the ol' Council robes, after so many years:
This type of scene is typical, of most of our weekly Jedi Induction Ceremonies - a long-lived tradition that has been mostly-constant, since the days of Star Wars: Galaxies. New members are treated to an in-character event, which ends with general information about the mannerisms and workings of the guild.

Following these ceremonies are any promotion-ceremonies. Unless the player who is advancing in guild rank has a specific locale in-mind for their promotion, then this is usually done in front of the Jedi Temple of Planet Tython:
Einlil had quite the number of witnesses, for his promotion to Jedi Knight. Yours truly had the honor of officiating. I always try to sprinkle some magic, into these, so people walk away with something memorable, no matter how long they will be with the community - since 2008, in my case!

Being back to the game in full-force also meant that I was able to once again train Padawans. Some players have a *much* more-casual dynamic, with Master-and-Padawan relationships. Yours truly prefers to have some rather in-depth roleplay available as an extra caveat, to being my Padawan learner.
Luminaeus would become one of a few recently-accepted members that yours truly would become the RP-charge, of. While more-casual options are available to players in such a role, I do greatly prefer to have extra activities and the like, to make their experience more-memorable.

Then, on Sunday 06OCT2019, yours truly was able to catch two of my newly-accepted Padawans online at the same time - a golden opportunity to knock out an in-character RP lesson, for more than one player, at a time! Our journeys span worlds....
Each lesson furthers understanding of one of two philosophies that yours truly developed over the years, and has spread to dozens of Padawans, in previous years. They are still as-relevant to a good Padawan experience today, as ever!

Then, later in the same day, yours truly had scheduled an RP event. This is of a unique creation, though the format had been developed by myself and others in the community, in years prior. We met on Planet Coruscant, in the Senate Tower for an event I dubbed "State of the Galaxy Interviews". Two at a time, participants were instructed to stand across from me, for a brief 'interview'. The roleplay was that we were recording these interviews for posterity; Future generations could look back at these interviews, to gauge what life in the Galactic Republic was like, for us:
I eventually found a good alternative for taking in-game screenshots; the holocam suffices when SWTOR's screenshots button breaks - which it had, by the time that this event had started. My thanks to Colonel F'iv'es Meridius, who had also taken screenies and whom was happy to share these, via our Discord's dedicated channel for screenshots and pictures.

Then, on Monday 07OCT2019, yours truly was host to a "class". These are required for guild rank-trials, in our community, with each Councilmember ideally hosting 2 classes, every month: a 101 teaching basics, and a 201 teaching advanced theory and practices. For this class, I chose the subject of Gearing 101:
Two subjects were covered: efficient gearing while levelling, then also Legacy gear and the different sources, of it. These are shots of the latter two, chosen because they're amongst the best-looking screenies, of the brief event. Even some veteran players admitted to learning a few things, especially regarding the level 70 gear and how purchasing it works.

Our community hosts a great deal of PvE content. Some of the latter-week events are more-spontaneous; some of it is planned well in-advance. The personal preference of yours truly is to schedule Operations well in-advance, to allow players with more-restrictive schedules to be able to reliably plan out their participation in such activities ahead of time.
The Ops-group I run has two nights: Thursday nights for queue-up content, and Sunday nights, for "progression" runs. We began with 6 of 8 members being from our community, with 2 players as pick-ups. However, 1 of the pick-ups had to drop before the final fight, and we garnered a 7th community-member, to fill the empty role. Thursday's rando-Op was TFB - and although a few of the fights took a few attempts, we did - in fact - manage to kill the Terror!

While yours truly had admittedly played for a while on-and-off before taking up the mantle of guild officer once again, you've got to admit: I had one helluva great first week back, on Council! Will definately be looking to host - and attend - more great content, within the community. If you'd like to track our adventures, stay tuned to this thread for more to come!

Next week preview: Attended a type of fashion-show hosted by the community, and - as always - will post the best pics of our weekly cermeony and any knightings!

Ahlvis, of Server Satele Shan, SWTOR
Ahl-Vinn, formerly of Servers Bria and Starsider, SWG
Long live <THE JEDl ORDER>, 2004 - Present
Long live the former Server Vrook Lamar!

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10.20.2019 , 03:04 PM | #2

Has it only been a couple of weeks? Seems like much longer, when you do as much in-game as our toons do! This week's Chronicle entry features some much better screenshots - not to mention the plethera of events that they document! Have been watching the camera angles, and taking more screenies, for your enjoyment. This week's highlights include a "Best Dressed"-type fashion show, Ops runs, guild meetings, and Guild storyline advancement RP-events. Enjoy!

First, a few shots from "The Best Dressed in the Galaxy" fashion-type show. The community has put these on, from time-to-time, but it's the first one that yours truly partook in as a participant, rather than a spectator. Six contestants completed for several million credits in prizes, and the spectators and judges voted to determine who was our winner.
Ultimately, yours truly came in 3rd place. I liked the versatility of the outfit I'd come up with, but the judges and spectators liked the outfits of two of the other contestants, better. No worries - this certainly wasn't the first such event we've hosted, over the years, and it likely isn't to be the last! Grats to Revnes and Tanami, who came in first and second, respectively.

Now, while we are called "The Jedi Order Community of Guilds", the Jedi part is simply the largest guild; It *definately* isn't the only one! Here's some screenshots from the other largest guild in our pantheon, <THE SlTH ORDER>'s weekly ceremony:
The Sith ceremonies are decidedly a lot darker - but then, it's often argued that the 'bad guys' typically have the better outfits, in fantasy genres. I'm kind of on-the-fence, there, but I do enjoy how much more deadly the environment at a Sith ceremony is!

Next, our weekly Jedi Induction Ceremony! Always some great shots, from these:
This is typically done to awe the new joiners to the community. While usually the largest venue of the week, it's far from the only RP that the community offers. I'd wager that church never looked like this!

A shot from the Knighting of Sulrohir and Tanami:
Knightings are done to denote a community member's completion of the Jedi Knight Trials. These such trials have changed numberous times over the 8 years since SWTOR launched, and they are intended to provide both challenge and a sense of journey, for our would-be Jedi.

An impromptu in-game meeting of some of our Council members. It was kind of getting late, but unless something else is pre-scheduled, it's never a *bad* time for roleplay!
The static Jedi chairs in-game aren't typically the best for sitting, upon. Sometimes, we'll literally just pull a /chair6 over a static one, and no one is much the wiser.

A single screenie from a guild-run "Progression" Operation. I don't typically think to grab many screenies during combat.
While not the most-exciting shot, it certainly shows an epic scene. There are typically a few operations runs, every week, and I've been wanting to lead both Tuesday night 'queue-up' Ops, as well as a weekly 'progression' run, to go through ALL of the Ops-content.

A couple of shots from this week's afore-mentioned 'Queue-Up' Op. It ended up being Explosive Conflict. Only a couple of the DPS weren't part of the community.
The Dread Masters' Chosen One - dead at our feet. I got both the Firebrand Tank loot drop AND the Kephess customization for Qyzen. While Qyzen has always been my companion of choice, I like him red - and the customization makes him gray; A guildie was happy to take the customization off my hands, at no charge. Good times!

On Thursday, we advanced the guild story-arc of the Grandmaster of our Sect having been kidnapped, a couple of weeks prior. <REPUBLIC SPECFORCE> - another of our community's guilds - had RP intel that an imperial officer was at this base, having been re-assigned to the chaos of Planet Corellia, after irking a Sith Lord with direct knowledge of the movements of their prisoner. A few great shots here, beginning with the pre-storm briefing:
The screenshots for such events typically tell the story in-and-of-themselves, but essentially: We received our briefing and formed a plan of action, stormed the base, found the 'High Value Target', extracted some useful information from him, struck a deal, then returned to the safety of a ship in orbit, for a debrief.

It had been decided to wrap up the story-arc the next day, on Friday. The ceremonies were missing a Grandmaster for our sect of the Jedi, and it was decided not to prolong her return, any further. Some great screenshots from this event, as well:
Essentially, the intel obtained from the previous event detailed the hidden and careful movements of the Grandmaster as a prisoner from many worlds, as the Sith attempted to move her to a hidden location in Imperial space, beyond the notice of the Jedi and the SIS. We ambushed the Sith contingent, as the Jedi Shadows snuck in and freed her. This done, a hasty withdrawl was performed, and the Grandmaster was brought back to the safety of an awaiting battlecruiser, in orbit. After a brief welcome back, the ship left the system, before Imperial Navy reinforcements could arrive.

Lastly, a Friday run at the Dread Palace. Again, I'm terrible at remembering to take screenshots during combat:
A challenging run. This night, we did *not* succeed in killing the operation - but we do a lot of Ops, and the occasional failure is certainly inevidible.

More to come, for any of our interested readers! The adventures of <THE JEDl ORDER> are great, many, and often; there will certainly be more to document, before Q4 of 2019 is over. Until then, MTFBWY, and we'll hope to see you all, around the galaxy!

Ahlvis, of Server Satele Shan, SWTOR
Ahl-Vinn, formerly of Servers Bria and Starsider, SWG
Long live <THE JEDl ORDER>, 2004 - Present
Long live the former Server Vrook Lamar!