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Show off your Strongholds!

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

Felkroth's Avatar

08.22.2014 , 10:34 PM | #1
Much like the "Show off your Characters!" thread. I think we probably have a lot of really talented interior designers buzzing about and I'm curious to see how people have designed their homes!

Mine will be posted once I've farmed all the items from FPs, OPs, and Reputation vendors that I envision I need to finish it completely.

melodylane's Avatar

08.25.2014 , 09:34 AM | #3
Lillymora stronghold of the Jedi Covenant. Its a work in progress. For RP purposes this stronghold is shared as a secret base for all my tunes. Hence the mixed themes. enjoy!

I have added a finished version to my channel take a look and enjoy the video! thanks for watching!

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08.25.2014 , 09:34 AM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by whiteterroist View Post
I like the way you have everything set up! Very nice job

"For some people this world ain't never gonna be right.... Maybe your Mattie's one of those people" ~ Doc Holiday -Tombstone-

Felkroth's Avatar

08.25.2014 , 10:04 AM | #5
Both really nice setups! Well done!

The video was the perfect medium to use to show off ur stronghold! I loved its simplicity, and I also intend on doing a medbay room, but I liked espically howyou included a fair few of the actual companion doctors into that room

I intend on doing a jedi-sith 'coalition seeking peace' secret meeting room/site and using all 6 of the jedi/sith companions. Since my main is a smuggler I figured his abode would be the perfect secret meeting area where he could easily smuggle the delegates to and from his home undetected.

Felkroth's Avatar

08.25.2014 , 10:34 AM | #6
Just some sample images of basically one room I'm happy with...

My Jedi Assembled looking contemplative (they will be my peace council with their own secret meeting room)

Cargobay (My toon is a Smuggler and packrat.)

The matrix converter in the middle of the cargobay I'm imagining it/using it as a swoop bike repair platform...

My toon also is a master smuggler so he has many who requires him to get them safely off world without notice, so I put in a 'train depot' type sitting area for passengers.

The jawas help with repairs on my swoop bikes, and the heavy load lifter NPC is always nice to move illegal packages around.

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08.25.2014 , 10:39 AM | #7 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Ooh, those all look so amazing. Look forward to seeing more from y'all!

*goes back to lurking*
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melodylane's Avatar

08.25.2014 , 10:46 AM | #8
Thanks for the views and everybody else looks really nice to especially like yours Felkroth! Great Job everybody!

"For some people this world ain't never gonna be right.... Maybe your Mattie's one of those people" ~ Doc Holiday -Tombstone-

thewatcheruatu's Avatar

08.25.2014 , 11:10 AM | #9
Only have a couple of rooms sort of "done" so far, because I'm actually spending my time with it. I've been putting a bunch of screenshots up on my SWTOR Tumblr as I've been working on it. The general concept is that it's meant to be a sort of managed black market.

My favorite room is definitely the entrance/speeder platform in my Nar Shaddaa stronghold. I basically just packed it with everything possible, and I absolutely love coming home to it every time.

I also enjoy my office space, but I have a lot of work to do in there still.
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PLynkes's Avatar

08.25.2014 , 12:12 PM | #10
Haven't got very far yet, but have made a start on the Sky Palace belonging to my smuggler Xoola, paid for with the proceeds of her galactic treasure hunt in Chapter One. She shares it with her pal Mandraga the Bounty Hunter (neither of them have any loyalty to their respective nominal factions). Everything's a bit sparse right now, but we'll get there.

Entrance way guarded by HK-51 droids. There is always at least one on duty...

Xoola the Smuggler's bedroom. A nice relaxing place to chill after a tiring adventure...

And it's guarded night and day by a loyal Wookiee...

The lounge, where the companions can relax between missions...

Comes complete with the latest in holo-bartenders...

The companions seem to be enjoying themselves...

Gault's getting into the swing of things, too. He knows what he likes...

So, like I said, not much done yet. Need to work on the Bounty Hunter's bedroom next, and a communal sleeping area for the companions. Actually having a bit of fun with this, which I really didn't expect.