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Royal Fyrnock missing animation

sporealanw's Avatar

03.18.2017 , 07:16 PM | #1
The incredibly expensive Royal Fyrnock mount does not incline when you stand on a non-even terrain. (Nearly) All other creature mounts such as the whitefangs do that, but given that the Royal Fyrnock costs 2200 cartel coins and a lot of credits in the gm, I guess the missing tilt should be included asap.

To clarify, here's some screenshots:
How to do it:

And how not to do it:

IMO this is really disturbing, especially considering the price of the mount!

Zerileth's Avatar

03.19.2017 , 06:52 AM | #2
I've noticed this too. Thankfully, the mighty kathhound doesn't do this.

Maybe I'm being too cynical this morning but this is another feature that won't get fixed or even acknowledged.
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sporealanw's Avatar

03.19.2017 , 06:58 AM | #3
Unfortunately you might be right about that. Bugs last longer and longer in this game.

I got the kathhound too but it doesn't fit this character's outfit