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Physical Security Key no longer associated with my account

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Physical Security Key no longer associated with my account

Trojianmaru's Avatar

03.18.2017 , 03:40 PM | #1
Yesterday, and the day before that, and every day since I foolishly bought the collector's edition (before we knew the in-game bonuses would later be sold to everyone else for far less than we paid) my security key has worked as a 2nd layer of defense against people who might want to hack my account.
Today, after trying over and over to log in with my security key, I realized I no longer needed to enter it to log into my account.
Although the Art book/ Jedi Diary was good and the Statue of Darth Magnus was ok (even though I still barely know who he is) the Security Key was the only thing from the Collector's Edition that I still have (the Art book was water damaged and the statue was introduced to the floor by my cat) but now that I know it can randomly stop working, I feel even more ripped off.

Just to clarify:
I paid for a Physical Security Key to keep my account extra safe
I used it to log in yesterday
Today it acts as if I never registered it to my account
I know from when I thought I'd lost it long ago and tried to get it unregistered, that I need to speak to someone on a phone to get it taken off my account.
I obviously hadn't done that.

I was going to download the android app and swap to using that to log in from now on, so I could access the Security Key Vendor (even though it's never let me use it, even though I've used the key to log in every time I log in, since the day I bought the game on day 1) but now, why bother

OwenBrooks's Avatar

03.18.2017 , 05:42 PM | #2
Not sure what has occurred , have you gone through the steps of adding the physical key again per this link and verify it works after that