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qwopicus's Avatar

03.04.2016 , 06:09 PM | #1
Hello, I am a PvPer of average to slightly above average skill, who enjoys playing a variety of classes and game modes. I believe this makes me infinitely more qualified than our current PvP dev, and would like to begin my campaign for the office. I require no salary or benefits, and will do all my work in a timely fashion.

I promise to #makeSWTORgreatagain with the following changes:

Matchmaking- Limit of two healers per team. Solo ranked is replaced with 8v8 warzones so that more than 3 classes can be viable.

Gameplay mechanics- Resolve is changed so knockbacks and mezzes give more resolve. Roots now have 50% less duration, stacking, if you have been rooted in the previous 5 seconds.

Class changes-

Sorc- Healing nerfed, rotational CC removed. Phase walk removed from the consular/inquisitor base class and given to Mercenaries/commandos instead on a 1min CD.

Sin- Low slash is returned to 4m range, with the addition of the new 4.0 teleport. Death field is returned to 30m range now that DoT spread is on lacerate.

Merc- Channel while moving is now a masterful utility. Phase walk reskin added, see above. Heals buffed slightly.

PT- Burst damage nerfed slightly in exchange for an additional DCD. Tank cleave damage is nerfed.

Jugg- Rage sustained damage is buffed slightly. 0 rage permaslow utility removed from game, ravage now roots as a base trait.

Mara- Predation rootbreak is now a masterful utility. Various defensive buffs that were free pre-3.0 are merged. See above for ravage change.

Sniper- Evasion now purges DoTs again.

Op- Burst damage buffed moderately, KP is now off the GCD but only stacks once for non-healing specs. Lethality slow removed, replaced with DoT spread to reduce set-up time.

Please let me know if you disagree with any of my ideas, together we can all #makeSWTORgreatagain

omeru's Avatar

03.04.2016 , 06:39 PM | #2
When was swtor great? ıt used to be ok not it is just a piece of **** but never great.

Asaxor's Avatar

03.04.2016 , 06:43 PM | #3
removing phasewalk and 30m low slash from deception sins might not be enough balance, you probably also need to take away force speed entirely and give shroud to mercs
"great" ideas

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03.04.2016 , 07:15 PM | #4
I'd be happy enough with matchmaking. Last night was great fun with these two arenas:

3heals + 1 tank vs. 2 tanks + 2 heals (whatever happened to the shortage of heals/tanks?)

3heals + 1 dps vs. 4 dps (two sorc who spent the whole time healing)

That first one....I was ANGRY when we came back to tie the second match, I just wanted the whole thing to end...All three matches went to acid. That's a long time to sit there and not see health bars move. At least in Voidstar stalemates there is a little more strategy and attempts to plant, fruitless though that can be, but it's SOMETHING.
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03.04.2016 , 07:18 PM | #5
buff enet, and make it actually work versus ops. **** is broken.

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03.05.2016 , 08:38 AM | #6
This post is yuuuge. It's gonna be great. Really great and a good thing. Too many specifics though. Too bad Obamaware has ruined this game. It used to be a really great game. Now all the foriegners like Snave are coming in and they're laughing at us because we are weak. Well, this post will make us strong. Remember when it used to be good? Like really good and great? It's gonna be awesome now. We are gonna build a wall around Snave and make him pay for it. It'll be yuuge!
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