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"If you're a PvPer you will LOVE update 2.4"

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"If you're a PvPer you will LOVE update 2.4"

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10.01.2013 , 09:09 PM | #1
This will be posted on every forum as the Devs obviously don't listen to the player last the PvP playerbase!

If I'm banned oh well not like I am missing out on anything NEW!

The PvP content of game update 2.4 consists of....

 8v8 Ranked Warzones have been removed from the Ranked Warzone queue. For more information on this change please see our Developer Update regarding Warzone Arenas.
 To ensure proper matchmaking, players are no longer able to change Skill Tree points while in a Warzone queue or match.
 Bolster has been adjusted to account for the addition of the new Obroan and Dread Forged gear.
 4v4 Warzone Arenas are now active! These small scale PvP maps reward victory to last team standing in the best of three rounds. Missions and rewards are provided in the same manner as current Warzones.
 The following Arena maps are currently active:
 Orbital Station Arena
 Tatooine Canyon Arena
 Corellia Square Arena
o Arenas count as a single Warzone in the Unranked Warzone queue rotation. (Each map is not weighed individually.)
o Players can queue for Arenas in Ranked Solo or Ranked Group modes via the PvP queue button on the UI minimap.
o Czerka VX-736 Injector can no longer be used in Warzones.
3 Arena's at the cost of 8v8 play, No addition to address the "story" of PvP. PvP is just random skimishes with no real purpose to play.

{QUOTE]Items and Economy
o Obroan is a new tier of PvP gear obtained via Ranked Warzone Vendors on the Republic and Imperial Fleets. Itrequires Ranked Warzone Commendations as well as the associated Conqueror piece.[/QUOTE]

2 tiers of PvP gear vs 20 (exaggerated) tiers of PvE. Bolster all but eliminates the drive to earn new PvP gear. I know I don't want to grind for it, it isn't fun!

Missions and NPCs
o PvP missions have been updated:
 [WEEKLY] missions no longer require wins and now advance with one point for a loss and two points for a win in an Unranked Warzone.
 Ranked Warzones no longer count towards [DAILY] or [WEEKLY] mission progress.
 Mission requirements are now as follows:
 Under level 55 [DAILY] PvP missions: 2 completed Unranked Warzones
 Under level 55 [WEEKLY] PvP missions: 5 completed Unranked Warzones
 Level 55 [DAILY] PvP missions: 4 completed Unranked Warzones
 Level 55 [WEEKLY] PvP missions: 15 completed Unranked Warzones
So the same missions we have had just get a bit of a tweak and do not address the desire to level through PvP. There is NO PvP story outlying the conflict and the forces waging war in game. PvP is a farce not the force! You are saying as the Republic vs Republic announcer does in VS "Oh so close, but everyone is a winner at heart!" BS line that makes it ok to lose a match as you still win in the end.

Star Wars is AWESOME but you have made me lose interest in what could have been!