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LF 16m TFB NiM (Master Mode) Run on Sat 10th

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LF 16m TFB NiM (Master Mode) Run on Sat 10th

JowyBlight's Avatar

02.08.2018 , 11:50 PM | #1
I was thinking about trying to get an 16m NIM TFB achievement run (not a title run) together this Sat 10th at around 7pm EST on imp side most likely (not apposed to pub though), if i could get enough interested good players who would want to run it. That be awesome.

I am a tank and have like 96% Operation completed, but i am still missing these achievements in 16m (I have the 8m TFB NiM achvs though in case anyone was curious). For whatever reason, I never got around to it back in the day.

So, if I could get enough interested players and/or guilds that would be cool. If you want to get these achvos and/or just wanted to run some challenging content, let me know. Either respond to this threat or just hit me up on Imp Side by PMing or Mailing a message to Feridis or Feridette on Pub side. I know its a little last min, but it could be fun too.

My Prerequisite:
1. Raiders Must have Discord, StarParse, and a computer that can run 16m
2. Must be geared (248 preferred, but 242 minimum) and know how to play your class.
3. Must have completed TFB HM 8 or 16 prior to this. Any previous TFB NiM experienced would be nice too. Most of the mechanics are HM, but enhanced for NiM. I don't want to explain HM mechanics alright. So, NO story mode all stars please.
4. It's a pug, so patience, if we wipe a few times.
5. If you're not familiar, with the fights on NiM, you should watch some kill videos of them on Youtube before.
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GhOsTPrOz's Avatar

02.09.2018 , 12:25 AM | #2
I wish you luck on this run and it is great to see people trying to pug NIMs these days and especially 16m at that. I think you underestimate how hard 16m NIM TFB is though, OP 9 is no joke even if you pass Dread Guards. Personally I recommend 16m DF or SNV NIM they are easier to do.

Good luck though
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JowyBlight's Avatar

02.10.2018 , 04:19 PM | #3
due to lack of interest. I guess its cancelled.
Ferid: Revanchist, Dread Master, and Gatecrasher ~ Vanguard Tank <Crimson Sky>