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Returning player is looking for advice

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Returning player is looking for advice

likeaneedle's Avatar

01.22.2019 , 04:13 PM | #1
Sup, folks.
Recently moved to California from Europe and looking for NA server to transfer to.(imp side) Planning to do ops stuff( raided a lot in vanilla, and a bit both hutt cartel and shadow of revan)
So living into pst timezone brought my attention to Satele Shan. But Iíve read rumors that itís population is slightly lower than Star Forge one. Also I have some characters and stuff at Star Forge already, played a bit with a friend in a past. (So basically has to be two chars transferred if Satele Shan is chosen)
So how hard to find a guild raiding pst time weekdays and overall population for general stuff?

BalStormblasttoo's Avatar

01.27.2019 , 03:37 AM | #2
Galaxy Knights and our Imperial sister guild Dark Galaxy Knights are recruiting.. Prog teams in both factions and lots of active members.

Encourage you to check us out