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3 Stronghold Ideas

Xina_LA's Avatar

10.26.2019 , 07:02 PM | #11
I used to really want a ship stronghold. A cruise liner is a great idea, especially if it was neutral enough to be decorated either really fancy, completely derelict, or anything in between.

They teased us about a new stronghold with this expansion but I guess it's on the backburner.
Which is fine... there are so many bugs to patch...

I have to admit, I'm still really angry at the devs.
So many times they've created decorations with duplicate names, causing numerous problems.
And then they rarely fix it... years later.
They're still doing it.
How basic is it to check existing deco names before making a new one? Isn't that STEP ONE?

Not to mention the basic stronghold features they broke with this latest update.

Now doesn't seem like a good time for them to add anything. It'll be too buggy to enjoy.
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