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Sith'Ari Order is looking for members! Are we a match for you?!

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Sith'Ari Order is looking for members! Are we a match for you?!

bayliner's Avatar

06.03.2019 , 11:19 AM | #1
Sith'Ari Order is looking to rebuild an older guild, We are small now but wish to grow and rebuild what was once a once very large guild. We seek Adults, 18+ that will fit in with our fun close knit group. We want to re-establish a strong RP guild that also supports PVE and PVP for gearing, advancements and achievements. We also partner with a PVE guild occasionally to have fun, run ops and hang out.
We have a Discord page where you can find out back story and RP character sheets and interactions, a very elaborate Guild Ship at 100% for RP and "hanging out", Well established Guild Stronghold, Exp and Rep bonuses in this area. We currently are a lvl 23 guild. We are willing to help out newer players and veterans.

If you are looking for a small established guild with a small circle of friends looking to rebuild, then we are that guild for you!

Gaming needs to feel fun, not like a second job...RL has enough of that stuff. . Do you agree?

If you are interested in checking out our little community that has plenty of room to grow. please contact Vaixa in game or in game mail.

TheGoldenTuba's Avatar

06.16.2019 , 05:49 PM | #2
Yes! I am interested in joining to RP and help build.

I have not played for some time and I am quite new.

I have sent an in game message to Vaixa.

Please help me ensure it has made it and I will await further instructions.

bayliner's Avatar

06.18.2019 , 05:21 AM | #3
Hello there!
I sent you an in-game reply. Feel free to message me in game as well. Hope to hear from you soon.