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New Companions? (Spoilers)

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New Companions? (Spoilers)

MrParrcheezy's Avatar

08.15.2020 , 11:04 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackvinils View Post
If here speaking about new companions, especially bonus ones, I would like to get:

- Darth Marr
- Vaylin

I think it's enough to just drop them on the terminal to avoid causing any errors in the scripts, but there are other ways to get bonus companions without involving them in the plot.

Just one problem...

They'd have to somehow bring them back from the dead unless they will be force ghosts...

gamephil's Avatar

08.15.2020 , 11:06 AM | #12
A character with an extension to their story? Shara Jenn. I think how they handled her in Nathema was off. A brainwashed character that the Agent helped to free still sides with the Empire against her actual friend and dies for it? No, that's just too much. She faked her death, if she "died". She's supposed to be really smart, I could buy that, and that story annoys me.

I'd like to see Risha and a few other of the class exclusive companions get some story beats, and also to become companions for any player that wants them.

I could stand having the Sith from the Jedi Knight storyline around, but I suppose we already have Scourge.

Malora seems to have been a lot of work never to see her again. Feels like a waste.

Characters just to slap into the market with no story: I'd like to see Vaylin, because while I found her story grotesque and could stand to see it overturned, I don't think they have the chops to do it and too many people hated her specifically or the whole thing for more story.

I'd kind of like Zhorrid so she can help me shoot Jadus in the face, if they ever bring him back. I don't necessarily think she needs more story.

Blackvinils's Avatar

08.15.2020 , 11:29 AM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by MrParrcheezy View Post
Just one problem...

They'd have to somehow bring them back from the dead unless they will be force ghosts...
Nope, this is not necessary, since no one resurrects SCORPIO, Torian or Vette, for example, because they are still dead for the current story and chronology, but they can be taken with you for all other game-based non-story quests and etc.


LanceDefender's Avatar

08.16.2020 , 02:53 AM | #14
I don't care about Vaylin at all, but could take her as companion lol

But I'm more interested in Marr and Satele companions and I have high hopes for them in 6.2.