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Who shoots the most?

Anvin's Avatar

08.10.2019 , 12:48 AM | #1
Hello everyone!
Yesterday decided to give Swtor another try and after scrolling through 6 pages of characters I decided to start fresh.
I decided I want to shoot people in the face.
That does not seem to be this easy.
I do not like the cover mechanic, so no sniper/gunslinger.
Scoundrel, Operative and Vanguard have kinda weird laser weapons that shoot only 3 meters far and on top of that they seem to forget they can shoot. They prefer to hit stuff with fists, knifes and...rifle butts.
That leaves mercenaries.

So my question: which of the specs uses their blaster pistols more? No tech gimmicks, rockets, flying squirrels or eyploding toasters, just good old “shoot ya in the face“

Thanks in advance, have a great day!
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ceryxp's Avatar

08.10.2019 , 04:42 AM | #2
If you want a ranged shooting class that uses a gun, but not the cover mechanic, that doesn't have some weird 3m range limitation, that doesn't think a gun is a melee weapon, and that doesn't shoot flying squirrel rockets from their back (even if wearing a covert energy chest piece) and exploding toaster rockets from an invisible wrist launcher then your only option is Commando. Commando fires everything from their BFG. From rockets to grenades to directed energy beams to volleys of super heated plasma, it all comes from their giant multipurpose cannon.
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Equeliber's Avatar

08.10.2019 , 08:54 AM | #3
Well, Arsenal is about a mix of missiles, explosions and then blasters. You only have 4 skills that use blasters. Blazing Bolts, Priming Shot, Rapid Shots and Sweeping Blasters. But then, it's pretty much a half of your DPS skills. That said, Blazing Bolts is used every 8 seconds and it's a 3 second channeled stream of blaster bolts. So, I think you will shoot more in Arsenal. But prepare for a lot of missile attacks, as well. Sweeping Blasters is your spammable AoE, you get a boost to it and thanks to passive energy regen you can spam it quite a bit. IO barely uses it as it costs too much.

Innovative Ordnance shoots with blasters a fair bit but except for Unload every single skill that uses blasters is just a slow cast that then shoots 2 bolts... Doesn't feel as fun as Arsenal. But, if you also like fire... IO has plenty of it. You've got like 5 DoTs in your rotation, hehe. Some explosions, too.

Overall, if you are purely after blaster action, Arsenal is your best bet.

Mubrak's Avatar

08.11.2019 , 12:39 AM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by Anvin View Post
So my question: which of the specs uses their blaster pistols more? No tech gimmicks, rockets, flying squirrels or eyploding toasters, just good old “shoot ya in the face“!
Ruffian Scoundrel. Aside from throwing grenades, smacking them on the head (with the pistol!) and firing the shotgun in their face, everything else is shooting a pistol at a reasonable range (10m).

If shooting from 30m range is more important than shooting mainly blaster bolts, then Arsenal Merc (or Gunnery Commando if you rather have several weapon systems integrated into one BFG).
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