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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Revival: Organized World PVP | Scheduled Weekly World PVP Events

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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Revival: Organized World PVP | Scheduled Weekly World PVP Events

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04.26.2018 , 11:39 AM | #1
When I first heard about guild vs guild planetary conquests where guilds can actually conquer planets, I was ecstatic. I thought about the endless PVP possibilities. So when the update was finally released and 95% of the content was PVE based, the disappointment was overwhelming. Sure I still world pvp'd but 99.9999% of the time the sides were extremely unbalanced, and got boring really fast.

Well due to the lack of new PVP content (with the exception of a re-textured rehash of civil war) I have decided to share my dream of what a PVP based conquest would be like, with a few added rules and guidelines that will be enforced, in order to bring as much of a balance as possible, as well as keep things interesting.

We'll do 2 different events once a week. One is Guild vs Guild, ops group vs ops group, BUT it will take place in a location that is only accessible via force push/cover pulse. That way everyone only has one life, that way the best guild wins rather than the guild who has the most free time. The other Event is World PVP conquest; where guilds take turns conquering one of the opposing factions cities by breaking down into groups, and strategically placing themselves around the objective area, and having to defend their positions for a certain amount of time without running out of lives*

*Number of lives is just the number of summons back into the objective area that each group has.

The following video will show you what I mean: