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Add Ons

StuartLaing's Avatar

08.18.2012 , 05:25 AM | #1
Ex wow player, made the switch, love the game - where's recount ?

Love the game, while i understand Bio-wares stance on third party add ons, there are some GREAT add ons out there that add to the complexity and enjoyment of the game. Yes there is a website and program that can upload logs to a website and deliver stats, but thats hardly a substitute for real time break down of vital stats. Being able to monitor your personal dps enables to play with your rotation in real time to better your characters output, not to mention being able to investigate 'death count' to identify if a healer slept on the job or if the dps simply stood in the bad.

Please if you won't allow third party developers to create add ons for SWTOR, then please add it as an in game feature, PS titan was really helpful to track things like gold across all characters.

Thanks for your consideration.

flyersfan's Avatar

08.18.2012 , 08:57 AM | #2
Non-WoW player, picked up the game, and I don't like the idea of add-ons.

However, I won't deny that some of them sound very useful. I would then put it on BioWare to create these things and put them into the interface editor.