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Alderaan Round 2 Changes and Feedback

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Alderaan Round 2 Changes and Feedback
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LordMetroplex's Avatar

01.18.2020 , 05:02 AM | #21
I realy like the SH and at this point I just have say, that it looks amazing , but players should mount in and outside the SH, and my second point is that Guilds should be able to get multiple Strongholds! We technically already have multiple guild strongholds with the Flagship) so the system is in place for it. Please, won't you consider allowing us to purchase unlock slots for multiple guild strongholds?

As Ideeas I read here something I want to support that if its not too much worke, that u add a "Tower" room into the main hold similar to that of the Jedi council room in the prequels so that we can see the entire estate from all direction, a privat Room up there would be amazing.

And realy like the Throne Room pleas keep them like he is.
Futuremore I wounder, if u cant add a PvP area it dosnet have to be a Huttball section more like a littel Arena to fight but this Idea is just dreaming, from my personal Point the stronghold is great u have to add a Banner Hook at die middel of the main doore and let Guilds get multiple strongholds and it would be pefect
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01.18.2020 , 06:05 AM | #22
Didn't see much in the ways of the bugs, except for the one mentioned here several times already:
  • Interior door between the Northern and Western Lodgings "opens" backwards. Looks pretty, but turns the entrance absolutely useless
Not sure if below counts as bug, but I've seen neither the taxis not the trantas in my SH. A pity

Regarding overall issues/suggestions:
1. The SH would definitely benefit from ambient noise. As it is it's just to quiet. While individual rooms can be spruced up (ambient noise machines (though those are way quiet) or jukeboxes), it doesn't play right with the outside. Mountains and forest like this? You'll be hearing wind near constantly. Add waterfalls and the ambience should be pretty good
2. Mounts inside of SH. While I'm not as bothered by inability to use them inside the property - it didn't feel as big to me as, say, Rishi or even Yavin 4 - Kilik cave restriction grates
3. Death field on the balcony. Would be wonderful if it could be moved to at least the meadow in the distance. As of right now you take 1 step back off the balcony and you are dead. And just when there is that small tempting waterfall pool to meditate in
4. One panoramic upper room. While I disagree it should go anywhere over the stained window room ( since from the mountain retreat you can kind of see the back of its walls), I would wholly support a room in the tower over Northern Lodge
5. Ruins. This is more of cosmetic - but if you are putting a centerpiece hook there, the floor texture that looks like it divides the floor into two sections via stone block looks a bit out of place, unless you place something really massive over it (e.g. Jedi Library banks look great, Jedi War table doesn't). But this might be my nitpicking

TheDenniR's Avatar

01.18.2020 , 06:17 AM | #23
I must say the stronghold is nice, but it have too few windows and the hooks are placed like ****.
Example: and
These mistakes are in the rear building of the stronghold
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01.18.2020 , 07:36 AM | #24
I like the stronghold, particularly like the snowy wintery feel (although its about -2°C here so maybe makes it seem more real ) and I love that there are a lot of star ship hooks so can get all my faction ships in, not to mention some great views. Room size feels okay, a good mix of large and smaller rooms. The throne room is also great as well as the balcony view.

I noticed a couple of glitches:
- The internal door between North and West lodgings. It opens but also blocks itself when it does so impassible.

- The corridor leading from the throne room corridor to the balcony area. Eg hover mouse over a wall and shows a clickable hook which can be used but there is no colour indication (eg the purple/green ones are invisible)

Recommendations/would be nice wise:
- There doesn't appear to be too many of the narrow hooks, particularly against the walls or hallways which is a shame as a lot of decorations (like ancient slave etc) use the narrow hooks, maybe some of the small green hooks (like the individual green hooks on the podiums surrounding the main hall) could have the option to change in to narrow hook instead?

- The corridors leading to the throne room the carpet/hooks don't look quite right, they are too close to one end of the corridor on both sections so either need a couple more to cover the corridor length or centralised

- The ruins are a nice touch but inside is just a big grey wall perhaps knocking down some of that wall would make for a nice touch to show off some of those great views

- Maybe a few small hooks closer to the water edge in the intro area, (Tauntauns need somewhere to drink some water )

- As others have said a small panoramic room on top the lodgings would be awesome.

Its looking great though, Alderaan wasn't high on my list of stronghold locations (bad long term investment ) but I really like it so looks like I'll be definitely setting up base here.

Dekibra's Avatar

01.18.2020 , 08:49 AM | #25
here are my 2 cts ...

- I overall really like this SH!
- thranta taxis (if they show up eventually
- it does have beautiful views indeed

- the one door in the mountain retreat opens the wrong way
- still no windows in the drawing roon/study/guest chamber - see, how much it looks like a prison
- not possible to mount indoors - PLEASE change that!
- there is still a non accessable door/entrance, see here
- the throne room has no door
- no second floor - anywhere really - there should be at least an indoor balcony/archway in the main hall
- no hooks near the water (to place animals and such)
- I cannot see the hooks in the hallway to the balcony, see here
- when you put a carpet on the floor with the stained glass reflection, the reflection is no longer visible, see here

I marked the things bold that are the most important to me
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JediQuaker's Avatar

01.18.2020 , 11:47 AM | #26
I just did a quick stroll through after updating. Some preliminary comments (edited):

- I still don't like the "winter" climate. One of the main things I like in a Stronghold is a place to put a "garden", but most of the available plants would look silly around the snow.
However, since this is Alderaan, I assume I'm out of luck to get a summer place. 😥
Edit: I had fun tonight turning one of the rooms in the Retreat into a spa, with plants, etc.
- on that note, I'd like more, centralized ceiling hooks in all rooms, and fewer default lights***.

- the hook placement in the rooms in the Noble Estate make it impossible to put beds centred on the side walls. At least one of the 3 rooms should have a different hook layout.

- as many have said, there's a broken door in the upper area (retreat).

- I assume that mounting will be fixed by the time 6.1 goes live.

- the SH could use a few slightly smaller rooms to use as bedrooms**, etc. The best place for them would be to add a second floor to the main hall. But dividing up one of the larger existing rooms could also work.

- I like the minor changes to the throne room. A couple more small hooks on the platform would be nice.
Edit: I had fun turning the Throne room into a party room. The throne dias makes a good place to put a band. Party floor in the middle. Lots of hooks for Arrangements, bars, etc.

- I think the "frosted" effect on some of the windows is very well done, but I'm just not a fan of winter.

- as in the past, I don't see a purpose in the maze-like design of the retreat. I think it would be better to have straight corridors and use the recovered space for open utility areas.

- I'd rather a greenhouse than a ruin.

** On a related note. If we can't have any smaller bedrooms, how about making some "privacy screen" decorations that we could put around a bed. They might be an actual screen, possibly clear or translucent, which an occupant would switch to "opaque" for privacy. Or it could just a "base" of a unit that would project a screen. An interactive unit that switches on or off would be nice, but I'll not hold my breath on that one. 😅

*** Another decoration idea - "Grow Lights"
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01.18.2020 , 03:43 PM | #27
Quote: Originally Posted by Estelindis View Post
On the topic of Alderaanian decorations, I note with pleasure the achievement-linked decoration that was added, "noble throne facade," which lets us place a thin divider like what was at the head of the throne room before it was removed to give a better view. This decoration is very promising (especially if you please give us more than four of them - the achievement implies four, but often achievements actually give us 999, and that's the number I'd like to see). This type of decoration would be very welcome in several more iterations. "Room dividers" are extremely useful to let us turn large rooms into several smaller ones in our own way, but they really need to look like they fit in with the aesthetic of the stronghold or they stand out badly. This facade decoration could be useful for more than just giving us flexibility with the throne room. If longer versions were added as well, they would let the stronghold be more flexible.
You do get 999. I took my sage who hadn't went to Alderaan yet and the cinematic ran on her and it gave her the achievement for the Alderaan stronghold and she was awarded the decoration and I was putting it down and it showed I had 999.
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LadyAvyna's Avatar

01.18.2020 , 03:55 PM | #28
I'm still new to the strongholds but one thing that I did notice as I was touring around is that in the Western and Northern Lodging, both have a room to access but the door has a glitch where it opens and closes in the opposite direction and therefore blocks your entrance. I also notice that the map doesn't show those rooms. I know you guys might be aware of this. I wish we had windows available in some of the rooms but I understand this stronghold is in between a mountain. Other than that, I will say that this is indeed a beautiful stronghold. So far, one of my favorites.

Elssha's Avatar

01.18.2020 , 03:56 PM | #29
So.... found an interesting new door animation

Also, as everyone else has asked... just let us mount everywhere, please!

Estelindis's Avatar

01.18.2020 , 04:22 PM | #30
Quote: Originally Posted by casirabit View Post
You do get 999. I took my sage who hadn't went to Alderaan yet and the cinematic ran on her and it gave her the achievement for the Alderaan stronghold and she was awarded the decoration and I was putting it down and it showed I had 999.
Cool, I wasn't able to get the achievement to trigger. I'll try doing what you did, then experiment with what this decoration can do for room versatility. Thanks so much for the info.
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