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Scoundrel/Operatives are strong

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11.19.2018 , 02:41 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Jordankwells View Post
Ok so I know that when it comes to the three healing classes each has there ups and downs and are good a on thing then the others. Now I say this because I was just in a PvP match and the whole time a sentinel, guardian and myself (sage healer) was fighting this one scoundrel, 3 vs 1. I'm not sure what his specs were but I do know that I saw some heals and he keep taking out the other two if I didn't heal them. So my question is how can scoundrel stand up to that kind of attack? I am asking that because I am a decent healer I have the top gear/mods and the top augments and I can't stand up to 3 others like that. This is not the first time that I have seen the scoundrel/operative class hold their own like that with hardly a scratch on them. I also know it how good you are at playing the toon, but come on the scoundrels and operative are way strong. Is it suppose to be like each class can stand up to one another, but it feels like the scoundrels and operatives are at the top with multiple stuns, heals, high attacks, and stealth.
They are a very strong class, but if you play to their weaknesses you'll find they can be killed. It's all about controlling the scoundrel at the right moment when they start to get low. The class has a very high skill ceiling and some players make it look effortless. It's why you don't see a lot of great ones in PvP.

I put up a video on youtube that you may find interesting, it's me as ruffian spec engaging a lot of people and never dying. May give you some perspective on how the class can do it. Well, they do get me once at the very end, but it was almost over.
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11.19.2018 , 04:05 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by WayOfTheWarriorx View Post
I'm a little confused than,because DPS can only be measured by one Math formula. So if you are suggesting that there is a different math formula to measure DPS for PVP, I'd like to know what that equation is so I can veryify the legitimacy and accuracy of the alternate 'Only for PVP formula.
To be completely honest with you I can not be f*cked reading your wall of text, so I just read the first two paragraphs. Now to explain my point... PvE parising for parsely has no Ďreal fightí elements to it, hence why itís the phrase dummy parsing exists for when you get to stand there and dps uninterrupted. For PvP there is no such thing as dummy parsing, itís simply not possible since in PvP youíre most likely going to be attacked and forced to kite and interrupt your dps and potentially get killed, while Iím PvE there are two people whoís sole purpose in that group is to get attacked instead of the dps.

Now I say that parsely numbers are irrelevant for PvP based off the fact that certain specs and classes may pull high damage uninterrupted but once some focuses them or they are forced to stop dpsing they loose more than others. PT is a prime example of this... PT is a glass cannon so they will die extraordinarily faster than everyone else resulting in less dps. Marksmanship is also in a similar boat, marksman parses fairly low on a dummy while in PvP they parse highly.

You see PvP and PvE and completely different areas of the game with different resources. They both also have different aspects that will make a class perform higher in one area than the other. PvP requires you to be able to kite enemies (which will result in a dps loss for almost all classes), you need to pop defensives in particular orders and at particular times for certain abilities. While in PvE you will have uninterrupted up time al most all the time giving you more dps.
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11.19.2018 , 12:30 PM | #13
Dummy parses are dps potential. It's up to you how you translate that tool for PvP and Operations.
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I believe he's quoting a frequent contributor to these forums. His name is Strawman.
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Thanks Rion Starbrah.