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New Nightlife Event Decorations

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New Nightlife Event Decorations

Galandro's Avatar

05.05.2019 , 03:51 PM | #1
Last night I noticed that the Nightlife event is active on the PTS and zipped over to play to slots to check out the new decorations that will be available this year.

The Bith Musician Disguise Terminal is super-cool, and all the new alien personnel decorations are welcome additions.

The Fire Trap and Electric Wall decos don't seem especially dangerous, although I didn't actively try to kill myself on them.

The Concert Stage looks and works great. My only ask is that we be able to put it on a large hook; a Large Standard Arrangement will allow us to use the arrangement's small hooks to also place other musicians, dancers, lights, speakers, drums, etc, on the stage.

Banthabreeder's Avatar

05.05.2019 , 11:31 PM | #2
Yes, PLEASE, either allow this deco to be put on a Large hook, or add additional hooks (Large, Med, Small) to the Centerpiece/Starship hooks.
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tuulem's Avatar

05.06.2019 , 12:34 PM | #3
Here are some pictures and admittedly rubbish gifs of the new decos, in case anyone wants a sneak-peek at them.