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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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10.12.2020 , 09:23 AM | #9991
This is one long thread, 1000 pages of replies now!

Yesterday morning, I joined a PuG for Dread Palace GF. As far as PuGs go, this was one of the smoother ones, but still chaotic regardless.

The group leader, a healer, disconnected in the middle of Bestia. The other healer was left to solo heal the rest of the fight and Tyrans as well. Between that time and the group leader reconnecting on the second go against Calphy, these things happened:
  • We wiped on trash because someone pulled the groups on Calphy's and Raptus's doors early.
  • On the first Calphy run, a sorc pulled the tank into the wrong portal when it was time to split by frames. Since this was the left frame that the tank was pulled from and the healer was still MIA, that left me and another DPS on the left portal. That, and the other guy forgot about the crystals. Calphy wiped the floor with us.

Second try we managed to do it, with no inexplicable sorc pulls in the middle of the fight. Now, there's a newer dps in this group who did run DP previously, but stated that the previous group didn't complete it. So mid-fight on Raptus, I noticed he had taken a purple crystal:

Me: "<New guy>, take the red crystal."
Someone else: "The one on the right."

Due to the crystal confusion and one of the healers taking the wrong crystal as well, Raptus got buffed twice on the first set of challenges. Everything went smoothly the next time around, fortunately, and Raptus didn't bug out like he usually does. I explained the fight for Dread Council, and aside from losing aggro on Calphy twice (Dread Font pools went everywhere,) we got it in one try.

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11.06.2020 , 08:57 AM | #9992
if even this thread is dead, game is dead, I suppose?
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11.06.2020 , 11:54 AM | #9993
Quote: Originally Posted by Ardarell_Solo View Post
if even this thread is dead, game is dead, I suppose?
Or, there's not so many "weird people" to meet any more.

I was thinking just the other day that I haven't run into a complete doofus or 'group nazi' in quite a while, although I still do 1 or 2 FPs most evenings.
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11.07.2020 , 09:38 AM | #9994
Quote: Originally Posted by Ardarell_Solo View Post
if even this thread is dead, game is dead, I suppose?
Game isn't dead, but GF is in bad shape for sure.
The less people use GF, the less weird people we run into, and the less fuel to feed this topic.
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11.07.2020 , 02:01 PM | #9995
hard to meet weird people when the most run one is HS

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11.07.2020 , 05:39 PM | #9996
Quote: Originally Posted by Nero-Star View Post
hard to meet weird people when the most run one is HS
exactly this
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11.08.2020 , 09:10 PM | #9997
Less rude people after the glory of legacy ignore.

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11.08.2020 , 10:57 PM | #9998
I think part of it might be people grouping in chat for World Bosses, due to the Feast ingredient quests, instead of using Group Finder at the moment.

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11.09.2020 , 03:11 PM | #9999
There are many typical MMO players who just like to act selfish and comment / blame other players just because they aren't satisfied. Another problem is most people don't accept Flashpoint/Operations like teamplay which everybody needs to corporate each other, but nah, people are just aiming by their own desires and many goofs happens.

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11.15.2020 , 05:20 PM | #10000
Had an interesting run today on Tython, we had some issues on the first boss but nothing too out of the ordinary just the usual trouble with people being unable to put all the orbital strikes on the adds, we managed to down it in the third try. 2nd boss was killed without too many issues though sometimes the other DPS die because the healer wouldn't cleanse. Third and last boss is where **** hits the fan, while there were definitely times someone was standing in stupid for the most part everything was fine up until the moment the boss shielded himself and started spamming AOEs, me and the tank managed to avoid the AOEs, other DPS and the healer for the most part as well but sometimes their circles overlapped (healer unironically walked into a straight line of purple circles once to avoid his own).

Healer naturally says people should avoid AOEs (despite being unable to himself), and that he "can't heal through it because he had to use all his force". Now, again for the most part the group was able to avoid everything so most of the damage was coming from Force Wave or the single target debris attack, I try to explain that yet I get scolded and told "do better next time" when I was actually doing pretty well for myself.

Queue our last try, or at the last the last attempt I was willing to stomach that "know it all" behavior, tank was trying some unusual positions so they kept moving the boss and sometimes despite trying to move out of his front I still got knocked backed and stunned and when we were on the third datacron I died as a result of being stunned.

Does the healer revive me? No, he laughs as I die which promptly gets him on my ignore list (glad they added legacy ignore so I never have to play with that guy again). And ok, the other Sentinel dies, he revives her, once the boss goes to get the third datacron guess what, dps is unable to kill the datacron. For the record while low geared she was doing well enough, should avoid AOEs more during the shield phase but wasn't doing too bad. I quit after boss recovers his health, and gains the damage buff. Sad as the tank was doing well other than the weird position in the last try, and the other DPS was doing well for a low geared player.
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