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Just want to say I love my guildies

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Just want to say I love my guildies

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09.19.2019 , 04:46 AM | #1
I run a few guilds on Star Forge, and in my imp guild, I had recently dropped our DK stronghold in favor of a Rishi one so we'd have the PVP area. Spent a good amount of time outfitting the bridge like a rave/gambling saloon/party area. Lights. Music. Dancers. Musicians. Gambling tables. Bars. You get the idea.

Lots of people, especially the core group, know I'm gay (these are the same people who make a point to murder their Dear Leader every time I'm in an op with them, but that's a different story).

Anyway, they also know I have what one must call a fetish for the male twi'lek dancers (and senator rugs, I have a 122 of those).

So what do my guildies do but have one of my officers distract me while the rest roll male twi'lek toons, then tell me to get to the bridge on the ship in the Rishi stronghold because something's wrong, and I'm thinking oh great, one of my officers must have totally wiped out the decos up there, and lo and behold....

I get up there, and there's my guildies, all of them logged on with their naked and half-naked male twi'lek toons that they rolled, and they're dancing. Dancing! All of them.

Best surprise ever.

Thank you, crew.
You're the best!
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DreadtechSavant's Avatar

09.19.2019 , 04:38 PM | #2
Lol, A good guild can make a huge difference.
Nice to see a positive post on the forums as well.