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Game play issues that may be negatively affecting the casual/average gamers

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Game play issues that may be negatively affecting the casual/average gamers

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08.22.2014 , 08:18 PM | #11
On the subject of skill bar bloat (this notion that there are too many combat skills), I had an idea at some point for something they could do with that... However, some felt that the attempt to work around the problem actually created a system which was ironically less casual friendly.

The idea involved merging similar skills into unified abilities and using stances to alter the functionality of those super-abilities back into the variety of original skills. In this idea, the system would be reworked so that ALL classes use stances (and are limited or not limited in the same way regarding the switching of stances). The number of abilities would be reduced significantly, but most abilities would have tooltips resembling the tooltips for Treek's abilities. Stance would significantly alter the functionality of the ability. (Example: One of Treek's abilities drops a beehive in her tanking stance or a smoke bomb in her healing stance.)

The problem if they were to do this is that you'd then have a quickbar full of abilities with "wall of text" breakdowns for what their functionality could be for each stance. We'd have fewer icons on the screen, sure. But people would frequently forget what exactly each ability does and the tooltip would be difficult to parse at a glance. For the more casual players these abilities would seem much too complex and annoying.

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08.23.2014 , 05:07 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by -Sornan- View Post

Far too many mobs that contain from 3 to 5 enemies. This can quickly turn the game play from fun into feeling more like a job, especially when nearly every time groups of these sizes are encountered one cannot even manage to accomplish a simple skill rotation because you are constantly switching to a new target after only a few attacks. As the game is now, so much of the mission content contains a seemingly endless volume of these mobs.


Too many combat skills. Just simply this. And furthermore, when you take the excessive volume of combat skills and add that to the constant mobs containing 3 to 5 enemies, wow, the game can wear you out within an hour on a given evening.


Too much reliance on "companions" that are too strong. For one thing, this is an mmo, if we want to group with others to do something, that is what we do, having a npc companion will never in any significant way make up for the experience of grouping with other players. I don't really understand what the purpose is of having to literally rely on an npc companion in order to solo standard mission content in an mmo. I found in time that it was simply a bother to have to constantly upgrade my companions gear, and I also found it took quite a bit of time to get used to the fact that I really could not do much in the game without having the companion with me at all times unless of course I was with other players.


I feel that a more basic and standard type of class aimed at casual/average gamers is missing - at least for the Alliance side (The Alliance side is the only side I played). The Alliance Trooper/Commando was seemingly the closest I could find to an 'easy' and basic style 'soldier' class - and I found it disappointing that the class eventually is stuck more/less with the hip fired mega cannons along with information I gathered indicating that the class seems to be given a large volume of skills to manage over time.


Decrease the amount of mobs that have 3 to 5 enemies in them. Put out more mobs that consist of only one enemy that is often a "STRONG", some mobs that consist of two "STRONGS", and also put in one and two count mobs of the tougher standard enemies and be sure they have a good bit of health. Then gameplay transforms to allow players that enjoy more simplified and straightforward combat to be able to do so more often, while still having the presence existing of the bigger mobs, just in a less constant volume. This all would also provide players with the ability to be able to effectively perform simple combat skill rotations more often when fighting against just one or two enemies that have a lot of health.

Decrease the volume of combat skills given. At very least, decrease the combat skills given with the less elite style (more basic) classes to better accommodate casual gamers.

The whole companion thing would take work to fix, because the mission content is set up expecting everyone to be using their companion. I think that reducing the effectiveness of the companions along with taking the effectiveness loss and putting that strait into the player characters would be a good possible solution. That is, say a Tank gets a weaker healer npc but now the Tank class has more damage resistance, etc. Ideally, if it were up to me, I would tone down the effectiveness of the companions so much that they would simply become an option, not a requirement, during the mission content while playing solo. Basically, just like a pet would be in many Mmo's.

Add a RIFLEMAN Sub-class for the Alliance Trooper class. A more basic, casual gamer friendly, style trooper class that would simply give what I think a lot of players would like to have - a trooper in heavy gear that uses a blaster rifle. This is the type of class that would not do harm to see too many people playing, could be set up so that there is a limited volume of combat skills so it is easy and pure fun to play, and yet certainly not overpowered, just a moderate overall sub-class build. As far as I know, most if not all of the class based mission content that contains specific instances and voice overs is aimed at only the main classes, so it should still work fine with the trooper story line. I do not know if this type of class is missing from the Imperial side, as I only played on the Alliance.
The numbers of mobs is contingent on the player having a companion with him/her and is really just a flavor of this game. In Wow, you're mostly alone facing single mobs, in SW:ToR you're mostly two facing a group of mobs. Same thing really. The difficulty doesn't really increase by this, so can't see how that's "anti-casual" as much as simply an astetic of the game that one can like or dislike. You're still left with having to group up with others for heroic missions mostly, unless you've become really good at the game, which I don't really see how affects the casual gamer negatively, insofar as getting the "MMO-experience" go.

In regards to the number of abillities, its again a astetic of the MMO-RPGs that the player gets a variety of different abilities, that can be used for different purposes in different situations. The number of these abilities can indeed get bloated and excessive, with different abillities "over-lapping" eachother, essentially doing the same thing and thereby creating a less intuitive playing experience. Whereas other MMO-RPGs has attempted to "combat" this with letting the player having only a few abillities available at a time, it really just becomes a matter of "apparent-" and "hidden-complexity" in my opinion. Where SWTOR uses the system of having mulitple abillities all available at the same time, essentially giving the player the apparent challenge of choosing the right abillity to use, other MMOs (with fewer abillities) usually just "push" this challenge into the player having to choose the right "setup" of abillities beforehand, thereby "hiding the complexity" underneath an apperant simplicity. It ultimately becomes a matter of taste, as both ways of doing it has it strenghts and weaknesses for both casual and non-casual gamer alike, imo.

In short: If you wish to play a game where the complexity of the class isn't high, then MMO-RPGs probably isn't the genre for you, as this is a genre-characteristica. Other MMO-RPGs might try to present themselves as less complex, but really its mostly just hidden away instead. Or you could simply give it some time and learn your class in your own time. The fun of this sort of gameplay can be accessed even by casual gamers, even if its somewhat more complex than Angry Birds or other truely "casual games".