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The 25k Req Build Challenge

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10.15.2018 , 02:54 PM | #1
By now most people know that once you reach level on a character you get the intro to starfighter quest that rewards 25000 fleet requisition. While I don't suggest in any way you use this all on one ship, it is fun to make alts and blow it all on one ship just to get it going.

My challenge is, if you were to use all of this fleet requisition to either upgrade one of the 4 starter ships or buy a ship and upgrade that one, what do you think would be the best ship? Keep in mind this would be your only ship for all 6 different maps, so try to make a build that works well on all or most of them.

Let us know your build and please explain why you made your choices.

Couple of ground rules for the challenge.
- The T1 Gunship (Mangler/Quarrel) must be bought at it's 2500 fleet requisition price
- No Cartel Coin ships are allowed, this is about using our free fleet requisition efficiently

Here's a quick example of what a build might look like. (Keep in mind I don't think this is great choice, it's just an example :P )


Laser cannon
Slug Railgun Mastered (Improved Hull Damage/Improved Damage) (15750)
Proton Torpedo 1 upgrade (500)
Fortress Shield > Directional Shields 2 upgrades (2500)
Barrel Roll 2 upgrades (1750)
Damage Capacitor
Munitions Capacity Extenter > Regeneration Extender 2 upgrades (1750)
Large Reactor 2 upgrades (1250)
Dampening Sensors

Aven Geth > Blizz (600)
MZ-12 > Gault (600)
Salana Rok
Writch Hurley

Salana Rok

Total Requisition = 24700

Looking forward to seeing your builds!
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