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Why is the Old Republic better than anything Disney has produced?

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Why is the Old Republic better than anything Disney has produced?

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04.09.2019 , 04:23 PM | #51
Quote: Originally Posted by Ausstig View Post
KOTOR 2 is crap.

it has no originality. It takes the great work of KOTOR1 and flushes it away.

The story and setting is ripped right from the OT.

Th villains are empty and should have been combined into one character (or two with one Darth Traya and one other).

The main writer hated Star Wars (at the time though now he felt he came off as too harsh) and used the game to attack Star Wars and say how dumb the force and jedi and everything star wars is. It has a twist (the force bonds) and then pretends it didn't at the end.

it's start is the worst for any game I have ever played. (boring and way too long)

The characters are ******es and Kreia is just evil right from the start, she isn't deep she is just crazy.

If you like KOTOR2 then TLJ is right up your alley.

Depressing, pointless and has a deep hatred of Star Wars and it's fans.

SWTOR and Revan respect and like Star Wars and it's fans, that's why SWTOR is better than Disney. They care.

Also this thread is not about KOTOR2 v the good games (KOTOR and SWTOR) it's about Disney vs SWTOR
The brilliant work of KOTOR 1? Don't get me wrong, KOTOR 1 is good, but KOTOR 2 beats it in the originality department by miles. Darth Malak is Darth Vader, the Star Forge is the Death Star, and it's very clear cut about light vs dark. There's nothing wrong with this story at all, but it wasn't exactly original for its time.

How in the absolute Hell do the Revan novel and SWTOR show more care to Star Wars fans than Disney? They do to the KOTOR games what TFA and TLJ do the Original Trilogy.

You mentioned that Kreia was evil right from the get-go. I don't think you understand her beliefs at all. She believes that the Force is the true enemy given that it is said the Force has a will. A will in which trillions die to achieve some form of balance through controlling events and people, that is has a "destiny" for everyone. It's why the Exile is so special. He/she turned away from the Force, away from all that power at Malachor V and still lived. The Exile, willfully separating from the Force, was truly free from the Force's influence, free to make decisions on their own. Then the Revan novel came along and forgot everything that was interesting about Kreia, her philosophy, and the Exile.

The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi have nothing of the sort. They just make the OT pointless because money and the people that just like seeing lightsabers and don't care about actually advancing a story.
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04.11.2019 , 04:41 PM | #52
I consider KOTOR1 & 2 to be the crown jewels of Lore when it comes to Legends/EU. TOR MMO is also pretty good but is way spottier in terms of quality usually.
Now onto the topic itself. We need to examine both medias: TV + Cinema versus Video games. Just sitting on your buttocks without engaging with the content in any meaningful manner will attract much more audience, casual audience with a time preference for immediate gratification.
Disney is accountable to their investors, and what Investors like will largely dictate the big picture. Right now what they want are easy-to-digest storylines and political virtue signalling (a.k.a. Corporate Feminism), and thus there is a big chance that the TV series and Movies will be bad in quality.
Comparing it to video games about a Movie series, they are already perceived and marketed towards a more "hardcore" fan audience. These guys are more likely to read up on details about the story & world and are hungry for more. Video games also take more of your time and energy as one engages with them through the controller. The audience that seeks these experiences is smaller and knows more specifically what it wants. There aren't as big a profits to be made there but still it is worthwhile.
However because of how much scrutiny the game's lore, world and gameplay will experience there is more incentive to make it "good". And also the creators of the games tend to be bigger nerds than those in movie industry.

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04.22.2019 , 02:51 PM | #53
Because "Muh Social Justice" has no place in Star Wars, much like with voice acting, comics, Mortal Kombat, or anything else outside of blatant propaganda. Disney Wars is doomed to mediocrity, because SJWs can't write compelling characters. Just look at Captain Marvel: she's perfect and great at everything and never deals with any stress or difficult emotional situations. There's no "hero's journey".

Same thing with Rey, she gets everything because she's already perfect and super-talented. No hard work (she knew how to fly the Millenium Falcon despite never having flown a ship before and being just a scavenger), she crushed a trained Force-user in mental combat the very first time she ever had to use it, then beats him in a Lightsaber battle with little effort (even with him wounded and mentally traumatized, he should have wrecked her), and everyone loves and respects her for no reason at all except "female" and "good at everything" (fixing the Millennium Falcon better than Han and Chewie could).

None of the villains were compelling, either. Kylo was a whiny little sissy brat, Snoke meant literally nothing and was a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment in character form, and the only villain that is okay-ish was... Bill Weasley. Yeah, that's a severe far-cry from the days of the glorious Sith Lords, Tarkin, and actual meaningful threats.

All other characters are also garbage:
Admiral Purple-hair: crappy pseudo Feminist who exists to be made into an Admiral because they pointlessly killed Ackbar for "muh representation".

Finn: another blatant "muh representation" character (and he's not even in the same galaxy when it comes to being an interesting character, Lando was a truly based man and no one made any reference to him being black, it just didn't matter in the good old days), but as the stupid comedy relief. He's also utterly useless as a character and serves no real point. No story purpose, no sense of danger, no character exploration. I mean, how do you go from being a mindless drone in an army of space N@zis, brainwashed since being a toddler, to suddenly getting a "conscience" for some reason? And then defecting, despite being raised to be a mindless automaton? By all means, it makes no sense.

Poe: discount garbage Han Solo/Wedge Antilles copy. The only thing he's done consistently is screw everything up, even when he's "won".

Then, there's the politics. Not the real-life "diversity" crap, no, the fictional politics. No explanation, no thought put into anything. The First Order was never explained, they just appear out of nowhere, being led by Darth CeeGeeius-I, and Emo Vader. The New Republic just gets curb stomped with no care or emotional impact at all, in a blatant Alderaan reference, but it falls flat like everything else because we didn't have a Leia character to emote through or have a personal connection. Where did a tiny military junta/North Korea stand-in get a super-duper Death Star 3.0, from, anyway? It took the Galactic Empire decades to both plan and build the first Death Star, but a crappy little hermit kingdom can crank out an even biggerer and betterer version that can nuke seven planets from across the Galaxy by Sun Razer-like eating a star and firing it at them like a giant plasma loogie? It breaks all logic. Then there's the fact that the New Republic literally did absolutely nothing, so Leia had to form the "Resistance" (kek),

The entire Sequel Trilogy reeks of "Kill the past" nonsense, and then replace it with some politicized tripe that is pumped out for clickbait and soapbox crap. It can all be summed up, visually, by the fact that Starkiller Base looks like the Goatse Meme.

And I didn't even get into how they ruined every single major character from the original trilogy! Luke was made into a grumpy old apathetic hermit who went from believing his father still had good in him to trying to murder his nephew in his sleep because he "sensed darkness" in him, and not giving a damn about saving the Galaxy. Han and Leia were turned into worthless deadbeat parents that abandoned their only son, and had a complete reset on their personalities, or at least Han did. Leia became old and boring. Chewie was ruined by being placed in the same scenes with f*cking Porgs (I F*CKING LOVE PORGS!). C-3PO was ruined by having an ugly non-matching red arm. R2-D2 was comatose.
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04.22.2019 , 05:06 PM | #54
I consider Revan to be the worst Star Wars character of all time, so if we could slap the dirt atop his grave and move on FOREVER that would be great.

But the Old Republic is better than Disney because it is story first, agenda second.

And I'll take a bad story any day of the week over an agenda story.
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