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Those endless patches have already got under my skin...

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Those endless patches have already got under my skin...

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04.14.2016 , 07:58 AM | #51
Quote: Originally Posted by Dzinton View Post
As I said, I'm a sysadmin. I know it quite well myself. However, Bioware didn't inven the software industry and even is not a single player in this field. There are millions of software vendors who face the same problem (including MS and other major vendors). However, they somehow manage without forcing users to install patches every week while disrupting their work.
Um, I get weekly patches from Microsoft and Adobe and all the others. I have automatic upgrading turned off though since I operate under ISO rules and need to know what's coming down. Since automatic update is enabled as a default for most software today, you may just be missing them.

Heck, my Antivirus and Malware scanner update every 2 hours.

And yes, I'm a system admin as well. 22 years. Started with a Wildcat BBS 4 install that was hacked to allow Telnet connections.

In case you want another example, I was a Supermarket management intern back in college. Even though we're open 24 hours, we still close on Sunday nights for about 3-4 hours to do a decent wash on the floors. Every 24 hour store does that. Either that or put up with dirty floors for the week. And they still have to close at least once a month for the overnight so that the floors can be stripped.
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04.14.2016 , 08:17 AM | #52
Quote: Originally Posted by Dzinton View Post
Guys, I'm subscriber. Every minute I can't play the game is STOLEN from me.
And every minute you spend putting gas in your car or changing the oil steals drive time from you. But it has to be done.

Trust me it's alot better now than it was at launch. Do yourself a favor and get rid of bitraider

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04.14.2016 , 09:19 AM | #53
I like the OPs view on things...What, the cartel slot machine is about to get nerfed?! I'll just not install that patch!

In all seriousness though, you must be fairly new to MMOs or online games as a whole.
I won't presume that it couldn't be done differently at all, at least when it comes to new areas, but I can't think of a single always online multiplayer game that just lets you skip patches and allows you to play on a different version from everyone else. The fact that you like to solo content doesn't turn this game into a offline/single player version of itself.

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04.14.2016 , 11:06 AM | #54
The Blackwolf Legacy

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04.14.2016 , 12:44 PM | #55
Quote: Originally Posted by Dzinton View Post

> 4.3 added a lot of global changes as well as the chapter

Why should I care? Why can't I play the game like before? If I won't see those changes, fine. I don't need them anyways.

> 4.3a had no new areas at all

That's exactly what I'm speaking about. No new areas, nothing major, only fixes of bugs I would never encounter at that stage. However, it's a full-fledged patch.

The client-side data files have to match the server-side data files; and the data files all aren't broken out by "zones." (Caveat, the "starter" planets are, so that you can start a new character while the rest of the game is downloading, but they made an explicit change to the data files structure to allow that, and it's ONLY the starter planets that are broken out this way). This is because data is shared between zones. This is all in the name of space and time efficiency; by using centralized data files to contain game resources, they can have smaller, more efficiently read, and easier to debug, resource files. This is not unique to SWTOR - any modern game uses separate resource files and reference files. So, for example, every time they change the resource file containing, say, monsters, you have to get a whole new copy of the file, even if all they did was add Odessen-only monsters to it.

However, they don't have to ship you a file that didn't have any changes to it. 4.3a was a MUCH quicker patch to apply than 4.3 was; since the changes they made only affected the game client and the weapons stat database and possibly the warzone stat database. Each patch only downloads the files that are changed. Major patches change more files, and the interlinkage of files is not necessarily going to be obvious (for exqample, the planets with Star Forts on them now have references to the KotFE architecture and enemy resource sets since they have the shield bunkers on them).
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Quote: Originally Posted by TUXs View Post
that doesn't mean I want anyone else punished or shunned...we ALL matter.
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04.14.2016 , 01:08 PM | #56
Quote: Originally Posted by Dzinton View Post


> We have a goal, we're presented with an obstacle, we work to circumvent said obstacle, reach our goal and grow from the experience.

I pity people whose only goal in life is hacking a computer game.

That's not what I said at all, that's your contorted straw man. My statement is saying that overcoming obstacles is human nature, not that said obstacles are life goals.

Quote: Originally Posted by Dzinton View Post
> I just don't understand how you could sit there raging at the patching speed and not once think "Jeez, let me see if any other people playing this game have had this problem and found solutions to it on google".

Yes, many people fail to see why other people don't wan't to bring their work at home. Usually the understanding comes with age.
It doesn't take age to see that this is irrelevant nonsensical babbling. What does work have to do with google? Are you implying that it's a herculean task to use a search engine?

Quote: Originally Posted by Dzinton View Post
> Every rock, planet, building, mob, fix, ect must be made available to every connected user, paywalls not withstanding.

And...? I don't play multiplayer. I'm quite content with my PvE style. I don't care what and how other players see.

Besides, if removing BitRaider solves the problem, it means that usually those patches are NOT needed to play. They fix bugs, but if I don't encounter those bugs, why must I fix them?
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04.14.2016 , 01:16 PM | #57
Quote: Originally Posted by Thoronmir View Post
Yeah, well. I'm gonna write off the hyperbole to youthful exuberance from someone who is "not a teenager for a long time." (???)

Imagine that I own a restaurant. You come in and order the Special. I explain to you that the Special changes every day. Some days, it's pancakes. Some days, it's rat turds. And you never know what that day's Special is until after you order and pay. You still order the Special. I bring you a steaming plate of rat turds. You proclaim that I stole your money because I fed you rat turds when you wanted pancakes.

Welcome to the TOS and EULA, friend. They tell us we're getting pancakes most days, but there's a caveat that allows them to feed us rat turds if they want to. And guess what? We all ordered the Special.
Wow, that's a really ... crappy ... analogy.
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04.14.2016 , 01:18 PM | #58
Profit an Blunder - The new chapter!
Seriously, you're still a subscriber?

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04.14.2016 , 01:29 PM | #59
Quote: Originally Posted by Dzinton View Post
P.S. Guys, I really have no time to discuss it. My initial post was intended for Bioware employees (in hope they monitor this forum), and I never expected it to be answered by members of the community. I believe I made my point of view clear. Further discussion is useless. However, I thank again those who described how to remove BitRaider. It was helpful.
All mmo's have mandatory patches.
Meaning you aren't playing until you patch the game. Offline single player games have the option but online games do not.
Why should you have access to an exploit while no body else does?

Getting rid of bit raider is your best and fastest option if you have a limited amount of time to play. You can start the patch and when you go get a drink and snack and come back often times is done.