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Galactic Loremaster achievement & title guide

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Galactic Loremaster achievement & title guide

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04.14.2016 , 07:38 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by CrazyCT View Post
At least one of the Makeb loremaster things was from the Staged Weekly quests, so if you hadn't done them before they got removed in 4.0, you wouldn't be able to get them. Don't know if they ever fixed it.
Unless they've made the change within the last 2 weeks when I did it last, no they didn't.

I wasn't high enough level at the 4.0 point.

edit: I believe it's Makeb's Mysterious Survival is the Lore "object" that's the one that was removed. if you got it before 4.0, you can still get Loremaster.

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