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Please Bring Back Ilum and Makeb Daily Quests

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Please Bring Back Ilum and Makeb Daily Quests

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01.15.2021 , 02:20 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Phazonfreak View Post
The daily quests plus the weekly are still there on Makeb and can be picked up on the space station or via Activity Finder. You have to have completed the "Rise of the Hutt Cartel" storyline before they unlock. Skipping ahead within the galactic story won't help, because Makeb can be done independent of all the other stories and never completes unless you do it yourself.

The Makeb dailies are not that popular anyway, simply because they take a long time to complete due to the vast amounts of enemies between you and the objectives.
I do the Makeb weekly due to the fact by the time I finish those quests I have finished my conquest points for that particular character and can move on to another one.
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01.15.2021 , 11:30 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by casirabit View Post
Those are still there on the planet, at least I just did it the other day but I think it is a one time deal as it also reduces the number of weeklies you need to do after completing some of those.
Right - that's the entire point of my OP.

Ilum and Makeb daily quests were turned into one-time-only quests with patch 4.0. After you finish any of them once, they cannot be done on the same character ever again.

I posted to ask BW to bring them back as repeatable quests, like they were for years and multiple expansions, as both planets are really well-designed and the daily quests gave a good reason for players to return to them and enjoy the work put into them. In addition, both planets featured different daily quests based on faction.

I never understood why they were changed/removed, but feel it's low hanging fruit for BW to add back in as things for players to do at level cap.

While not the friendliest on regular classes, I used to really enjoy Makeb dailies on stealth characters. The Ilum ones were enjoyable on any class. Both planets featured some of the nicest environments in the game.
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01.16.2021 , 10:35 AM | #13
I just wish they'd bring back whichever quests were removed that made it impossible to earn the Makeb Gazebo. I want the Gazebo, but I also want to earn it. I like having those goals to chase after, and then I derive even more satisfaction when I have the decorations up in my strongholds.

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