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No General Chat in Ossus

Muldurath's Avatar

10.22.2019 , 05:25 PM | #1
I logged into the game earlier today and Ossus worked fine. I logged out of Ossus and back in about an hour ago. I had no general chat in Ossus. Or at least I could not see General Chat, even if I attempted to send a message. I even tried changing to a different instance, but to no avail.

Silvers's Avatar

10.23.2019 , 03:13 AM | #2
Yup, same thing happening to me. Whispered a passerby and they couldnt see it either. Maybe it's a new feature. Focus on solo play!
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Muldurath's Avatar

10.23.2019 , 01:19 PM | #3
Bump to see if anyone else is experiencing this.

BFBHitmarkers's Avatar

10.23.2019 , 01:28 PM | #4
I cannot confirm for Ossus but Onderon was this way last night. No gen chat for anyone

limenutpen's Avatar

10.23.2019 , 03:28 PM | #5
Same no General chat on Onderon.

JattaGin's Avatar

10.24.2019 , 12:38 PM | #6
The same happens on Onderon right now (Darth Malgus server, rep side).
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CaptRogue's Avatar

10.24.2019 , 12:53 PM | #7
Onderon has been like that since it launched for me.
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