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Not Getting Credit for Crafting Rally 2

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Not Getting Credit for Crafting Rally 2

Valin_Marr's Avatar

02.14.2020 , 10:34 PM | #1
SO for the past 2 weeks certain toons are not getting credit for the crafting rally 2 guild perk. For me it's worth about 33k conquest points. I reported bugs several times and I even opened a ticket on the issue the first time, the csr said report as a bug and moved on closed my ticket. It has happened again this week.

Let me say I have been in this guild at least 8 months now. There have been 4 instances where I didn't get credit for the crafting rally 2 as well as several other missions. I laid it out in the ticket I opened and I was told to report it as a bug (which of course I did). Normally I understand this could happen on occasion but its the same two toons twice. SO I opened up another ticket this week and told them the same thing, the csr said well they would look into but there is no specific fix in the works.

Is anybody else having this issue? Last week I lost out on about 100k conquest points with not getting credit and this week were up to about 66k.

Trance-Gemini's Avatar

02.15.2020 , 02:15 AM | #2
It's worked ok for me the past couple weeks in our guild. You know that you can only do it once per day per legacy and the perk has to be turned on as well.

DarkTergon's Avatar

02.15.2020 , 01:27 PM | #3
What server are you on? It might just be a server issue, I've done it last week with no issues, on Starforge. The other poster could be on a different server to you too
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UlaVii's Avatar

02.16.2020 , 06:00 PM | #4
It happens with the other conquest crafting objectives as well since 6.0. If you put items into the crafting queue and relog before they are completed and they then finish while you are logged in with another character then the points won't count. I covered it in more detail here:

In-game support said it is working as intended