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Regarding the Darkness Guide in dulfy

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Regarding the Darkness Guide in dulfy

Arkedius's Avatar

04.23.2018 , 06:51 PM | #1
Anyone know what the Gear templates mean? im trying to set myself for HM progression with my guild and dont understand what template i should focus on.

Also what enhancement and mods should i run warding B(mods) and Bulwark Bastion enhancement?
What should my stats be at regarding Shield chance, absorb and defense. Thanks.
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KendraP's Avatar

04.23.2018 , 07:02 PM | #2
If you have the capacity to get either, especially with the upcoming nerfs, I'd run for the lethal b mods. You sacrifice no endurance compared to warding b, but it grants power rather than def (which is well within realm of asymptote anyway).

Enhancement wise, yeah i go bastion and bulwark.

Stat totals you would need a sin to give you, i havent PvEd on mine since 5.0 dropped (freaking crates, its literally faster tk level another guardian and only need half the gear). You can adjust the stat balance using augments- shield and absorb, or enhancements, but either way both are a hair expensive if you dont have a crafting buddy. I reccomend getting enhancements first, auging with 228 purples and waiting for 5.9 and the new augs.

I believe for sins the rule of thumb is absorb > shield > def but i could be wrong (not a sin main, my gear is still 216/220 on my tank/tank set).