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Snipers lacking compared to other classes?

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Snipers lacking compared to other classes?

hipoenormous's Avatar

10.03.2019 , 12:25 PM | #1
I'm wondering if other people feel like snipers are weak compared to other classes. Compared to bounty hunters and sorcerers they feel less versatile and have less survivability because of lack of self heals. I also feel like the only decent spec is marksmanship and the other two specs are just inferior.

Bounty hunters get the self heals from their shields, reflective shield and reactive shield both have the potential to heal them up so much. Then they have the thing that triggers at 30% to heal for up to 60% of their health. I mean how is the sniper so weak when the bounty hunter has so many tools in his belt. Also bounty hunters feel so powerful and to me snipers just feel like meh.

The same is true in relation to sorcerers. I mean if I a sniper gets dotted then he has no way to cure himself which the bounty hunter and sorcerer both have. His cover only grants defense chance against ranged attacks but against sorcerers they use force attacks and against melee cover is useless.

Does anyone else feel like snipers are just overall really weak?

Equeliber's Avatar

10.03.2019 , 01:29 PM | #2
Oh boy, where to start...

I guess with one of the most incorrect statements, that cover is useless against melee. What? They can't leap on you while you are in cover. Only Fury/Rage can and only from 10 meters. That automatically puts you at a huge advantage, you can do a decent chunk of damage to any melee player before he reaches you. And then you can gain some distance again. Learn to kite and keep them away from you. For example, Engineering sniper is by far the most powerful anti-melee spec in this game.

Snipers do lack healing, but they aren't the only ones. Marauders, Powertechs, assassins also have almost no healing. You are actually at a better spot then they are. Read the Legendary utility "Tactical Retreat" and understand how much healing you get if you roll on cooldown. Healing from Ballistic shield got nerfed but it is still pretty powerful. You have more healing than 3 classes I mentioned above, easily.

What sniper does have are amazing defensive cooldowns. Evasion makes you almost completely untouchable; time your roll correctly and you can completely resist biggest hits; shield probe is like a small heal. Hunker Down makes you unstunnable and has pretty much a 50% uptime. Sniper is the only class that has anything like this stun immunity. You just can't be globalled when you have that up. And every 3 minutes you can completely reset ALL of these DCDs. Also, ballistic shield makes you pretty tanky against all incoming damage, helps your team and can heal you for a solid amount if you have the appropriate utility.

Another thing, one of the most powerful tools of any ranged class is kiting (keeping melee classes at a distance while you damage them). Sniper is amazing at that. You have tons of slows, knockbacks, movement speed boosts. Use them right and every melee will hate you.

I also feel like the only decent spec is marksmanship and the other two specs are just inferior.
You can't be talking about PvE here, so PvP, I guess? Virulence is indeed on the weak side, as it is so easy to deal with Cull for many classes. Engineering is one of the best PvP specs in SWTOR, though...

I mean if I a sniper gets dotted then he has no way to cure himself which the bounty hunter and sorcerer both have.
Okay, so are we talking about PvP after all? You can't cleanse DoTs with a merc. "Cure" and similar skills don't work against DoTs in PvP.

In conclusion, mercenary is by far the strongest PvP class. You can't really expect everyone to be on that level, so you shouldn't compare sniper to it so much. That said, in a 1v1 scenario a sniper can totally beat a merc. Under group focus, sure, merc is much better. But overall, snipers are perfectly fine and above average, easily.

MK-ULTRA's Avatar

10.09.2019 , 12:13 PM | #3
Are you talking pvp or pve? PVE I am owning no problem. PVP you only survive if your teammates don't abandon you and allow 3v1.
You spelled tyranny wrong.

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10.19.2019 , 06:02 PM | #4
Bruh moment.
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