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So....about Vaylin....

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11.30.2018 , 12:56 AM | #811
Quote: Originally Posted by gamephil View Post
Yeah, she basically says that she can't surrender because we're a puppet of her father, that he won't show her mercy. And because of the way it's set up, she's absolutely right. It's one of the things that would make it better for me: that he was influencing us and therefore our out of character behavior was on him. I've always thought the breaking point was making our characters do it without remorse. Her dying because of the ritual or being controlled by the Emperor for that moment would have resolved the problem.

It would have made it worse for people that were creeped out by things like the IA story, though. Giving us the option to save her, or at least try to save her, would have solved all of that.
Just stunning her in the leg then getting some force users to minimize her connection to the force would have done nicely

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Heh, we're at the two year mark today. May the great god Nahut lead us to the light of victory!