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Is has potential, but too many features are missing

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Is has potential, but too many features are missing

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12.02.2012 , 03:38 PM | #631
I think this is a good post with good ideas.
BioWare consider the ideas in THIS thread.

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12.03.2012 , 12:26 AM | #632
Excellent thread.

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12.03.2012 , 12:56 AM | #633
Excellent thread voted 5
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12.03.2012 , 01:17 AM | #634
Awesome post OP

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12.19.2012 , 08:51 AM | #635
I support this message! - Character Armory and More | Guild: The Army of Light

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03.05.2013 , 05:02 PM | #636
Necro'd to show support
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03.27.2013 , 04:45 AM | #637
100% agree I already maxed out with my characters and its just so boring now, I'm back to playing Lotro for now, there is just more to do and explore vs here. The space combat was a huge disappointment for me especially since I'm a former SWG player.

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05.13.2013 , 10:02 PM | #639
could not agree more op the guild stuff really bothers me they need to add more guild features

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12.11.2013 , 06:17 PM | #640
Everything you said in this post would be great. As much as I enjoy this game, it can get very old, very fast. I think features like these would certainly be a great way to not only bring in new players, but help keep old players as well. Another thing they could do is make the combat a little more flashy. It would likely be too hard to change the overall play style, so they could compensate with flashy moves. I understand aesthetics isn't everything, but it makes a HUGE difference. And like you said, other games already have most of these, adding them would simply be a good business tactic in the long run. It would make it easier for this game to compete with others. The fact that it's Star Wars themed can only carry it so far.