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Dual Spec - It's a must! (NOT ACs)

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02.08.2012 , 04:45 AM | #901
Quote: Originally Posted by Enigma View Post
it doesn't matter how YOU play .. I'm talking about how the MAJORITY play.

and its not just because.. maybe its because i like to play differently with my class.
Basicaly your saying i want to get into Operations and HM flashpoints but i really dont want to commit to grouping or teamplay outside of it.
Guess what the reason is why there are so few tanks and healers..... got it.

Because if you have to solo all the time you are better of as dps ( although companions do help ) and since DPS does not give a rats *** about tanks or healers ( in general ) unless they need them for their goal there are less tanks and healers around.
It is nearly impossible as a healer or a tank to get a group for non group quests because "I dont need you for this quest additude". Then suddenly you need a healer or a tank for a groupquest and well hey they are still doing solo quest.

It is the majority that screws itself over and i dont see how it is a problem to allow them to do this. YOU brought this onto YOURSELF so really no need to fix anything that isnt broken.

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02.08.2012 , 05:52 AM | #902
Never gonna understand the resistance to this.

I might actually be arsed to tank flashpoints if I didn't have to spend money every time I just wanted to attempt one. It'd be something to do with all the aim tank gear no one in the group can use.

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02.08.2012 , 04:40 PM | #903
Quote: Originally Posted by Agenteusa View Post
dude, seriously , if you donīt want to understand that implementing this feature will impact everyone either you want to use it or not, I donīt know how to tell you anymore.

At least read the posts above before you come and comment on something.

Iīll tell you how itīs bad. When people got the power to fill every role or almost they tend to become stupid, and thereīs really no other way to put that. Iīm not going to go over and explain again (if you donīt want to take it as a fact or at least a trend donīt) but Iīve been there, I know what he did to the community before. It might have been bad before but it just screwed it even more and the way most people perceived the game really changed.

Lots of people stopped even queuing because they were heavily mistreated in groups, from random kicks, to insults, etc.

You give people tools that get them further away from social experiences and you put a foot on the grave on community behavior (this is not a fact, this is my opinion based on my experience). And that should be one thing BW should try to conserve even though they got off to a bad start.

LFD isnīt a bad tool , itīs sort like recount, if you use it correctly itīs useful, if you donīt well same outcome as recount. Dual speccing is just a tool I donīt feel itīs needed.
And how can something that you don't use impact you? If you and all your friends dont want to use it don't.... No one is making you. If your guild and friends are all the perfect mix to create groups any time you please that's awesome. I am still failing to see how dual spec or lfd will impact you. Its not like passive smoking.

You have a choice not to use any tools that are implemented. I ail to see how any kind of tools will change the type of people you come across. If you group with someone who thinks you suck in an lfg message in general chat or a lfg tool they are stll going to have the same opinion....

Same with dual spec. If you don't want to be anything but dps you simply don't make a second one. It seems to me that the issue here isn't anything to do being able to play multiple specs and more to do with people being able to play both specs better than your 1.

If you had no choice as to what class you were when you logged in for example. Lets say you get to server creation and it says due to server balance you can only choose a tank class how would that sit with you?

I look at all the posts against dual spec and lfg tools and see not a single arguement against it that holds water. The ONLY thing that i could think of that would be valid is IF it forced you in game into a spec you didn't want to play. All the time you have free will to queue as tank / heal / dps there is no issue.

If your argument is people will queue as heals /tanks so they get a faster queue even though they aren't good at those roles, it supports the fact that naturally not enough people want to fill those roles. The group would never be viable in the first place if the said person hadn't have tried to fill the vacant roll, so what have you lost? Nothing.....

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01.02.2013 , 07:35 PM | #904
Bump... please add this for the love of god.

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01.03.2013 , 12:17 AM | #905
Quote: Originally Posted by Agenteusa View Post
Iīll rejoin this topic just to say a couple of things.

First Iīm happy some people actually understand my feelings on dual speccing and that it is a possible game and worst of all community breaker.

Second the fun of mmoīs imho is to play a char to its maximum potential at what you do be it a healer a dps or a tank. Itīs the struggle for perfection that makes mmoīs fun for me.

itīs not about being a ROFLMAO tank/dps/heal on demand. "You canīt tank, **** it weīll just kick you because I can and Iīll tank myself" are the kind of reactions I expect if dual speccing is implemented.

Think of it as a real life situation. You are a boat builder (and please donīt use this example to throw over the board situations) . Letīs say you need a woodcutter, a tinker and <insert profession here>. You have 4 posts but if you as the boat builder can also tinker and the woodcutter can fill the other role, 2 people are already alienated. Now scale it to whatever level you want. Actually itīs quite the same as to why unemployment is getting higher and higher around the world.

So actually iīll say again that the reason why Dual spec shouldnīt be iimplemented itīs because it ruins the community above all. Those who were there when it got implemented know what Iīm talking about it and you start playing in a different prism so you canīsay "if you donīt like it donīt use it". It doesnīt work that way.

Rift also had problems with dual and dare i say tri specs (wasnīt exactly the same) but the outcome was similar. Ruined community (Iīm basing that on several reviews I read post patches , so donīt take it as fact but itīs probably a real issue).
Then the community is already ruined, because multi-speccing already exists in SW:ToR.

You can already respec in ToR. The question is how convenient they wish to make it, not whether you should or shouldn't be able to do it at all. You already can respec... in the field... for free. You're telling me that allowing me to save a template of my hotkeys is going to suddenly ruin the community?

You're arguing a moot point. If allowing a single character to perform multiple roles within a group depending on their spec ruins the game, then the game is already ruined. We can already do that... by respeccing.

The difference between respeccing and multi-speccing is as simple as being able to save a template of your talent points and hotbars. That's it. This isn't a change that shatters heaven and earth, people. Multiple specs on a single character already exist, and you are free to switch between them. It's just damn inconvenient right now.

Remember, if the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off.

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01.03.2013 , 02:59 PM | #906
I'm sure alot of people have played WoW and they have the duel spec system and it works just fine :P. It just makes life alot easier and like the guy above said you're just overreacting. Trust me if this is implemented your que time for flashpoints etc will go wayyyyyy down.

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01.04.2013 , 08:18 AM | #907
It would be very very usefull for the leveling process:

For example I really like to tank with my toons, but when I get to the next bracket of fp I can choose I tend to play them as dps until I know that my gear is good enough to tank them. Dual-spec would make this easyer as I get the feeling that my dps is not great with my tankspec.

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01.04.2013 , 09:31 AM | #908
Quote: Originally Posted by Calimwulf View Post
It might be useful for folks that want one spec for PvP and a different one for PvE, but it won't make a difference to the number of healers or tanks there are. People don't switch roles with dual spec.
Yeah i would like to see dual spec so i can have a better pvp spec but than also keep my tanking spec, but i wouldn't switch between 2 pve specs
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