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The Suggestion Compilation Thread - Regularly updated!

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The Suggestion Compilation Thread - Regularly updated!

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02.12.2012 , 07:58 PM | #991
It would be good if we were able to use the legacy name to talk to friends even if they are on alts.

Fix the artifice missing willpower shield schematics.
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02.13.2012 , 03:40 AM | #992
Having an ability "Recall to Ship" would be awsome, with an CoolDown of 30 min

Then one wont need to run through Space stations and other loading zones

Alavastre's Avatar

02.13.2012 , 04:49 AM | #993
I would also add for Guilds, a LFG type tool, even if that is what we have now, but just between your guild and your alliances.

It would also be cool to some how add the Guild in with your Legacy, where your characters are connected via the Legacy system, it would show what guild they are apart of. Possibly even adding something which shows that you created a guild on your character in the legacy system as well.
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Kyris_Xiandrii's Avatar

02.13.2012 , 06:22 PM | #994
I never really was into star wars that much, but I will admit it. I was one of those people who got sucked into the SWTOR hype. "man, i cant wait for swtor!!!", yeh i was one of those guys. I missed SWG, and everyone raved about how amazing that game was (pre-combat patch), so I thought maybe i would be part of something amazing here, like... a pioneering game that pushed the boundaries of the MMORPG genre. I have played KOToR, hunted, fallout and mass effect, so I had a certain expectation of this game. I expected SWTOR to be of the same quality as these other games.

I was very, very disappointed.

I don't really know how to say this without sounding like an offensive jackarse or a troll, but seriously... this game BLOWS. it blows HARD.

i will start with the good aspects of the game. the BEST aspect, was the voice acting: it was absolutely spot on! and i found myself engrossed in every quest i went on, wanted to listen to every word said (which is odd, because in other games i tend to just skip passed all the quest text). 10/10 on this one, truly amazing stuff.

space missions: i know opinion is divided on this one, but personally I like this 'on rails' system, since it makes more sense because you have lots of crew members and so somebody is steering the ship while you control the weapons / tactical movement systems.

now for the bad:

the graphics engine is really bad. I feel like I'm playing city of heroes again, I mean... it was a great game like 10 years ago (one of my favourite super hero games) but we're in 2012 now... we have graphically stunning mmorpgs like Aion, TERA, RIFT and GW2, and now we have this game which honestly, looks like a pile of carp compared to those games.

and then we have the end-game operations. they are an ABSOLUTE MESS. when i raid with my guild, we are constantly hoping (praying!?) that the boss we are fighting does not bug out and wipe us. every single day i am seeing more and more bugs in the game, and bugs in boss encounters. i know this is a freshly released game, but there are just SOOO MANY bugs that it honestly feels like the game is in alpha test or something

ontop of that the UI is absolute garbage. it is not customizable at all, not scalable, and we can't move UI elements around at all, and bioware have the audacity to try and 'impress' us all with their announcement that they intend to give us UI scaling in a future patch?! NICE JOB, GUYS! you gave us something that should have been in the freakin' game at LAUNCH
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RDX-TWO's Avatar

02.13.2012 , 06:30 PM | #995
How to increase cantina traffic and useabilty

I will do my best at writing please forgive my english not first language

I had this idea yesterday when I was in a cantina on Tatooine. I used to play Guild Wars and they had this option where you could view live pvp and guild vs guild I tough this was brilliant. Not only I could see some of the top pvpers battling each other but I could also learn from them and it made me a lot better at it. Since SWTOR will be introducing pvp ranking system why not let people watch the top fighters, it will be no different then watching any sports on TV and we could introduce a betting system would be an excellent credit sink.

The way they can introduce it can be a terminal in cantinas across the galaxy therefore increasing cantina traffic and giving cantinas a purpose I think this would be an excellent option.

Betting on matches could be as simple as placing bets until match start once it starts betting is over. The way this can work would be you select to bet for a team if someone is interested selects your bet then bet is now locked in place until the end.

It`s just a few ideas to increase game immersion.

Thanks for reading.
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02.13.2012 , 06:48 PM | #996
I think we have collected a hell of good suggestions over here.
...hope BioWare will listen to us.

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JTShadow's Avatar

02.13.2012 , 07:25 PM | #997
I see this is the Suggestion Compilation Thread so I will input all suggestions I've had so far into here in a clear and concise manner. Not all of these are popular suggestions, some are plain out hated, but if looked at from the point of view of the games best interest and not personal gain, I think I can be agreed with on most or all points.

1. Increase success chances of Reverse Engineering. Make it a competitive tradeskill. Right now its far to easy for Artificers, Armstech and Cybertech to get their end game recipes purples while Synthweaving and Armormech fall drastically behind. Chances should be vastly improved, or a new system should be implemented where every RE increases an RE experience bar by a random percentage. When this bar is full, one of the unknown recipes would be learned. You could take it a step further and specifiy what recipe you would like learned, as that would make much more sense, but it wouldn't be necessary. On the reason why it would make more sense, if you were to take something apart and try to think of a way to make it better for you (lets say your a tank) you wouldn't be looking for ways to increase your presence or surge, you'd likely be focusing on defense or shield rating.

2. A veteran reward system should be implemented. I know a legacy system is in the works, but thats based upon gameplay. Extra rewards should be unlocked for dedicated subscribers. You could either go with a monthly reward program closer to the City of games, a 3 month reward program like sony games or a yearly reward program like cryptic games.

3. More character slots should be added. There are 16 different classes available, eight for each side. If I want to experience all aspects of the game, I will be having at least 16 characters. Since the current limit is eight per server, that means I can only experience half the classes. Furthermore if I just roll on another server, it then splits my legacy exp between two legacys, thus being a detriment of the system. In conclusion the only ways to fix this is to increase character slots to 16 or to have your legacy go cross server, with the character probably having to pick a new name on the new server but still sharing the same xp pool.

4. Improve the bug reporting feature. Your company asks for so much detailed information when submitting bug reports that I can't remember what you need. The bug report screen doesn't tell us anything either, we just get responses from the CSR's asking for more information. If you need that information, please have it in the empty form so we know what to put, or have a form we can fill out with blank entries. You could always do what other companies do and have the client take a snapshot of that information and automatically submit it with bug reports and save everyone time and misunderstandings.

5. Add a way so we can link our crafting professions in the trade channel or to guild. With so many different recipes from reverse engineering and from world drops, it would be nice if we could link our professions so people can see what we can make.

6. Improve the auction house interface. Sometimes I go to the auctionhouse and I just want to find the best priced best stated boots but you know what? I end up having to search through every piece of Heavy Armor there is, I can't sort by slot.

7. Stop the companions from returning and interupting whatever it is I'm doing. There have been times i've been in the middle of a long and detailed bug report just to have the window closed because my companion brought back some crystals for me. This also happens at the auction house, when i'm crafting, when I'm slotting my gear, etc.

8. Implement a way so I can see if the recipe I'm looking at is already in my known schematics. I'm trying to flesh out my schematic list, but I can't look at my schematics and the auction house at the same time because if I open my schematics first, clicking the auctionhouse closes schematics and opens the auctionhouse and my inventory. If I open the Auctionhouse first it opens the auctionhouse and my inventory, I can then close the inventory and open my tradeskill window, but if I try and click on synthweaving it then closes the auctionhouse. Its a stupid system, I should just be able to open the auction house and I should be able to just open synthweaving.

9. Warfronts should have a deserter debuff. People join and leave right away, either because its Huttball or because they don't like the team they're in. They then keep rejoining trying to get on the winning team, or another maptype. People who quit a match should be unable to join another match for a minimum of 15 minutes though I would prefer 30 minutes to ensure that this kind of behavior is stopped.

10. On the topic of warzones, only half the people ever vote for MVP. Either make the leave warzone button not clickable until someone votes (or theres noone left to vote for) or remove the MVP system completely.

11. Revamp the objectives section of the scoring screen. Right now its flat out stupid, excuse my language, that when I score in huttball it doesn't count for objective points. Scoring points in huttball IS the objective of that map! Also, placing bombs in voidstar, extending the bridge, all of those actions and more do not contribute to objectives but by definition are objectives themselves. Please remedy this.

12. Just like people have been farming Valor, people are farming social points. Social points should only be a reward to players doing relevant content. I understand some players want to help lower level players and thats fine. Make the system reward social points as long as one of the participants in the group is relevent to the quest, meaning at least one person needs the quest to be green or higher for the group to get social points. It is not intended for four level 50's to run normal black talon over and over again to powerlevel their social. If they want to do hardmodes or other green flashpoints thats awesome! But to take advantage of a no risk scenario for personal gains? That isn't fair to the players who do use the system as intended.

13. Please implement a threat meter system, preferably a small UI window with dynamic bars next to each players name, therefore you can see who is coming up in threat and people can hold back on dps, healers can use their detaunts or tanks can make sure they throw more threat out. I believe this can only enhance the experience.

14. On that topic I would like to see a damage meter. The system could be optional, something you would have to toggle on so others can see your info, but it could be very informational, allowing you to assess your strategies and vary your rotations with detailed educated information.

15. Change the nodes in ilum from quests to a fancy objective box like in warzones. The quests often fill up your questlog and they don't go away if you head to warzones or use fleetpass or quick travel to leave the pvp area. Moreover they don't really need to be quests because we don't get any rewards. Just have a small ui window with the names of each node and have it color coded. It would be much easier to read that having 5 quests spam the side of my screen saying imperial base republic controlled republic base imperial controlled etc.

16. Change the plantary comendations or allow us to drop them and remove them from our inventory. Even if we have 0 it takes up space in the currency tab and its hard to locate the tokens that are actually relevant to me. You could make the tokens that you have 0 of disappear, you could put all the planet ones in their own collapsable category or you could combine all the planet ones into a single token that you could use for any planet, the rewards aren't that great anyways, so if someone wants to save up, let them.

17. Allow us to hide our companions headslot just like our headslot items can be hidden. It reminds me that they are an actual person and not just a moving suit of armor.

18. Add a premium server with premium features. Charge $30-$40 a month, offer live events and unique items. It would be like the legends server from Everquest 1, it lasted four years and was a very amazing server to play on.

19. Revamp the preorder crystal so we can have it for more than a couple levels. Make it sold from the current vendor and have it equivilant at least to artificers green crystals but keep them endurance only. Therefore it wouldn't be stealing marketshare from artificers because they can craft blues and purples.

20. Last but not least, don't give in to pressure from your customers ever, don't listen to their threats. Please don't go back on implementing same gender romance options, and don't implement a toggle therefore implying its offensive to hide it from players that don't want to see it. Don't allow us to ever respec our advanced classes to the completely opposite one, they are distinct classes and I don't want someone leveling to 50 as a sorcerer because its easier then all of a sudden they're an assassin, it just wouldn't be fair or right. Keep the advanced classes serperate, give us our same gender romance options, and bring on all other content your planning and don't compromise your vision because some people don't like it.

Obiwanwillpwnme's Avatar

02.13.2012 , 09:49 PM | #998
Cancelled my subscription today.

The reason I'm writing here is in the hope the game can improve, I'm willing to come back if it does.

- I hit level 50 and don't really have the desire to start levelling alts.
- Flashpoints take way too long to find a group for.
- PvP is pretty dead on my server, and doesn't come close to the competitive multiplayer other games have on offer (games without subscription fees!).
- Daily quests become redundant once you've done them for a week or so, and are incredibly generic anyway.
- The interface, balancing, space combat and travel/exploring are below my expectations.

I enjoyed WoW but it got old. I came to SWTOR expecting (with my guild) to have a similar, improved, experience but the last two months have been a let down. I'm never going back to WoW, but sadly I'm not staying here either.


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02.13.2012 , 10:25 PM | #999
How about implementation of same-gender romance & flirt options?

That really should be on the list.

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02.13.2012 , 11:50 PM | #1000
Hey everyone,

This thread has reached 1,000 posts and we've recreated it. Please do continue posting your suggestions here:

Thank you!