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Style Tab : Does it affect weapons too ?

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Style Tab : Does it affect weapons too ?

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03.06.2012 , 11:42 AM | #1
In the 1.2 trailer , BioWare said that they are gonna implement the style tab , which is all fine and dandy with me , and honestly im glad that they are doing so . But ive had a tinzy winzy bit of concern :

Let me start off by saying i love the white crystals and i would buy them without thought if i didnt know that in a month the new raid tier is going to be introduced , thus new weps and thus new , improved and stronger crystals . Thats where the style tab comes in .

You see , idea is simple : I want to buy the cheapest white crystal , put it on my old blade ( once i get a new one that is ) and then make that blade appear while im walking around . But im not quite sure if the style tab is also applicable to weps . In the trailer , it showed that the person was clicking some little yellow boxes by the item , and the lightsaber seemed to have that box too , so i guess it affects them ? Any solid evidence if it does or not ?